Bonding Recipe: 6 Amazing Things That Couple Massage Does

Sometimes, daily life can be really tough for couples. It is difficult to spare time to be together. Thus, ideally, couples need to take vacation together as often as possible. If you are going on a vacation with your partner or spouse, you should include a couple massage in your itinerary. This is an activity that is highly encouraged for couples, especially during their leisure period.

6 Amazing Benefits of Doing Massage as Couples

There are so many advantages that you can gain from this activity, not only physically, but also mentally. Here are seven amazing benefits that you can get when doing massage with your partner:

  1. Trying something new together

As a couple, you might be dictated by habits when it comes to spending time together. Your shared activities can be very mundane such as eating together or watching movies at home. While fun, those activities can feel repetitive after some time. You might need to try something new.

Surprisingly, not many people are coming to the massage parlor or spa with their partner or spouse. They do not think that it is something that you can do with someone else. However, many places are offering their interesting packages. It will be a new and fun activity to try out.

  1. Lowering the level of stress and anxiety

Massage is a great way to lower one’s stress level and anxiety. This activity shows that the mind and the body are connected.  Oftentimes, daily stress can cause your body to tense up. That causes discomfort and makes you develop a higher stress level. Massage can help reduce your stress level by releasing that muscle tension.

Additionally, massage therapies are done in a comfortable environment. The place will be quiet and the ambiance is so relaxing. You will find yourself being lulled into a zen state. It encourages you and your partner to let go of thoughts that may cause stress and anxiety.

  1. Releasing important hormones

Another reason why couple massage is highly recommended is due to the hormones being released in the process. The public knows that massage improves the production of dopamine and serotonin. Those hormones are responsible for creating a sense of well-being.

However, there is another hormone being released in your body when doing massage, which is named oxytocin. Many people call it the “social hormone” because a high level of oxytocin seems to make social interaction a lot smoother. It is the right hormone to release when you are with your partner. Oxytocin will make your interaction feel more comfortable.

  1. Improving one’s physical health

It is suggested to do massage occasionally if you want to maintain your physical health. Massage will make you feel more comfortable because it can reduce soreness that is being caused by muscle tension. It also helps increase alertness in people and makes them feel rejuvenated.

Massage done by an expert will encourage your blood circulation. Body parts that do not receive enough blood supply on a daily basis can get their fill during a massage session. The massage can also improve the person’s immune system so they cannot get sick as easily.

  1. An opportunity to talk about many small things

You and your partner may not have enough time to talk about things at home. It can be because you are so busy with your daily tasks and no longer have the energy to make small conversations once you get home. This couple massage session can be an opportunity for you to make small talk. The two of you can discuss mundane things in life.

It might seem like nothing, but studies have shown that many couples struggle with a lack of communication between them. If it is not improved, the couple may experience many issues in their relationship. Even talking about a small incident at the office can break the ice between couples. You should prove to your partner that you are a comfortable place to talk.

  1. A relief from busy lifestyle

People do not usually take their day-offs in the way that they should. They may just choose to stay at home because they are simply too tired to do outside activities. When spending a holiday at your home or accommodation, the day-offs will feel too short. You may not be ready to get back to the busy life after that.

A massage session gives you an opportunity to get a break from that hectic life. You can do it with your partner in a comfortable place. The only thing that you need to do is lie down and let the masseuse do their magic. Your holiday will certainly not feel wasteful because you can still feel the effect sometime after that.

Getting a High Quality Couple Massage

Despite the benefits, some people are not into having a massage with their partner. You should consider these points before deciding to book a session:

  • You and your partner enjoy quiet activities since it will not be fun if one of you is talkative during the session.
  • Both of you are in need of relaxation, not comprehensive care of the body.
  • Some couples find this activity more enjoyable when they are in their honeymoon phase so you should think about it.

If you think that you and your partner are up to having a couple of massage sessions together, then you need to find the right place. Ideally, you will choose a place that feels comfortable and has enough room for you to move around. You should also look into the amenities offered by the massage house. Another thing to look for is a professional masseuse. A good place will offer well-trained professionals to do the job.

Jaens Spa is a day spa in Ubud that can accommodate couples. It offers packages for couples who want to make their leisure time more special. Every couple who comes into the spa will get a private room that is specially decorated for them. There are amenities like free drinks and snacks too. You will be having a couple of massage experiences that you can never forget in Paradise Land.

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