How Spa Helps Revive Your 5 Senses

Not everyone understands the importance of spa for their overall self-care.  There are so many benefits of spa not only for women but also for men.  Spa services both include beauty treatments, as well as wellness for the body and soul.  By the end of the day, treatments at the spa will truly indulge your 5 human senses.


The 5 Human Senses

In general terms, what are the 5 human senses?  Basically, human senses act as a liaison between humans and their surroundings.  For this reason, humans have 5 basic senses, mainly sight (eyes), hearing (ears), touch (skin), taste (tongue), and smell (nose).  So, the existence of the 5 senses can help you live your daily life with ease.


In the meantime, what does it have to do with the senses?  When you come to a spa, all treatments will cater to reviving the 5 senses of the body.  Why?  Because the body needs to be refreshed with new energy.  Taking care of the senses is essential in an effort to restore the body’s unbalanced condition.  Especially due to stress or fatigue in order to be back in balance.


Therefore, the human senses are also closely related to the feelings of happiness.  Starting from the eyes, by looking at the things that make you happy.  Then smell, by smelling the scents that make you calm.  From the sense of taste, eat what you like.  The sense of hearing can be done by tuning-up music to increase mood.  And with the sense of touch, wear your favorite lotion every morning to make you feel pleasant.  Or else, ask your spouse for a relaxing massage.

Optimal Benefits of Spa for the Senses

Spa actually is a healing place for most people.  In addition to water therapy, a spa can also be interpreted as a health club or health resort that supports the beauty and health of its users. Although it looks like a modern life activity, spa treatments have been around for a long time. 


Many factors encourage people, mostly women, to go to a spa.  Especially those who are tired from working and doing activities all day long.  At the spa, they will get all the relaxation they need to revive their body and soul.  But certainly, men also do treatments at the spa with their spouses (spa for couples).


Thus, by indulging the 5 human senses into a spa routine, makes self-caring and healing more meaningful.  Exclusively, with a serene atmosphere accompanied by soft music that soothes the senses, helps stimulate serenity.  This is where spa becomes an alternative to modern therapy.  In addition, spa may also be beneficial for tightening, smoothing, and nourishing the skin, as well as improving blood circulation. 


Therefore, spa is often considered as a place for self-care in the form of therapeutic massages.  During spa treatments, you may choose to do a cream bath, body scrub, facial, manicure and pedicure, foot spa, and other body treatments that soothe your 5 senses.  In the hands of professional spa therapists, the massages will help blood flow more smoothly.  So, your tense muscles will relax again, while pain and soreness soon fade away. 


Spa Treatments for the 5 Human Senses

There is no doubt, you need self-comfort in stressful conditions and fatigue. Spa might do you good, from head to toe.  During your spa treatment, therapists will make sure you get a deep foot bath, body massage therapy, healing sounds, and relaxing rituals for the 5 human senses.  Expert therapists must understand abundant massage techniques because the spa needs to indulge the 5 senses at once.


Essentially, aromatherapy massage is an important element in providing relaxation for the senses.  A special oil mixture is used to help ease your breath, and calm your inner self. A thumb and palm pressure suitable to relieve stress stimulates the 5 senses instantly.  Meanwhile, to complete your experience, enjoy a healthy drink or snack as your body, mind, and soul revive the positive energy. 


Here’s more on what usually happens when a qualified spa work their ways to revive their clients’ human senses:

  • Soothe the eyes— Worldwide spas, especially in Indonesian are famous for their polite and friendly therapist expertise. Warm greetings and qualified spa facilities provide comfort for the senses of sight.  So, surrounding a beautiful atmospheric design will definitely soothe your eyesight.


  • Calm hearing— A cozy atmosphere blended with the sound of rippling water stimulates tranquility. Clients’ sense of hearing will soothe through soft music playing (ancient music and nature sounds) in a sound healing session.


  • Herbal tasting— To soothe clients’ sense of taste just before or during their treatments. A healthy, fresh drink or herbal tea is most favorable, such as ginger drinks or lemongrass tea.


  • Pleasant smell— The combination of aromatherapy and oil will stimulate the brain to be more relaxed. A qualified spa will provide soothing aromatherapy surrounding the facility.


  • Touch power— The last sense is to soothe the skin so that clients will feel cozy during their treatments. Here, gentle massages by expert therapists are done all over the body, from the hair to the toes.  The power of touch serves to relax tense muscles, improve blood circulation, detoxification, and others.  Additionally, a traditional massage technique that relies on pressing the points of the body is done through deep tissue massage.

Finally, Indonesia is known to the world for its cultural diversity.  This affects the spa business in each city.  The most popular spa treatments come from Bali.  Indeed, there are lots of spa places in Bali that provide various kinds of treatments.  The point is, you need to indulge yourself in a qualified spa with an affordable price, and satisfying facilities and services as in Jaens Spa.


So, what are you waiting for?  If you want to do body treatments to revive the 5 human senses, Jaens Spa, located in Ubud, Bali, can be the right choice.  This spa will of course washes away all your fatigue after a hard day full of activities. Thus, find your happiness in a day of relaxation only at Jaens Spa’s friendly therapists!

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