Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is not just a foot massage. Treat your feet with this ultimate tension-tamer. Study shows that regular reflexology may assist in strengthening immunity, improving digestion, and relieving headache and fatigue. A perfect solution for jet-lag and late afternoon fatigue.


A foot massage is a type of massage that focuses solely on your feet. Since then, the Balinese have traditionally used foot massage to identify and cure all illness. A foot massage is also used for relaxation and to alleviate sore soles and arches.

In reflexology, the feet have zones that correspond to parts of the body. So a foot massage stimulates and balances energy in those meridians and organs.  A foot massage may actually release endorphins as well as reduce stress hormones.

Most spas offer reflexology, and the treatment typically lasts approximately 30 minutes. It’s important to have a conversation with your reflexologist beforehand to discuss your “issues,” whether it is constipation, a tension headache or trouble sleeping.