Day Spa Ubud: 3 Relaxing Activity to Do in Bali

Jaens Spa - Rooftop Shanti 4

Sometimes even in a holiday destination, you feel exhausted with the trip schedule. There are lots of activities to do day by and day. Therefore you feel tired and need some relaxing activities to restore the energy. Even in Bali, you can feel the crazy Kuta with its hectic beach life. Therefore, you need activities to release the stress and make you fresh again. Here are 3 relaxing activity that you can do in Bali.

Join yoga class

You always know that yoga is great to refresh the mind and also a way to exercise. There are lots of yoga and meditation retreat to choose in Ubud with green rice field view. Join yoga class can help you relax as well as exercise. You can also try meditation for an option for deep relaxation. If you have time, you can manage to try both yoga and meditation and feel the energy restored.

Visit day spa

Speaking of day spa Ubud, there are dozens of places that you can visit. One of the favorite places is the Jaens Spa which offers traditional Balinese massage and spa with traditional ingredients. They offer a wide variety of massage and spa package with prices that you can check on the website. The therapist in Jaens Spa is exceptionally well-trained and friendly. They will gladly pamper you with the best service.

Join cooking class

Even if you do not usually cook, join the cooking class in Bali will help you relax. There are lots of restaurants which offer a cooking class and a cooking trip to the local food market. Cooking class can help you relax because you work with vegetables, fruits, and also spices. You will learn to cook an appetizer, snack, main courses, soup, and also dessert. At the end of the lesson, you eat the food that you have made during the class.

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