Control Your Stress Using These Ways of Relaxation

Stress and tension might come from many aspects of our life. Even a usual daily routine sometimes puts one under pressure. Before getting too complex, everyone needs to know how to get relaxed first. In case you seek one, here are some ways to get relaxed from the simplest to the most enjoyable ones.

The simple ones

  • Take a deep breath

When you get a sudden anxiety attack or instant tension and you cannot go everywhere, save yourself by taking a slow and deep breath from exploding. There are several breathing techniques like belly breathing. You can choose any techniques that could make you relax faster.

  • Stretch to release the body tension

For those who spend most of their time sitting, pull your hands together as high as you can. Bending and moving around your upper body gives instant relaxation. You can do this wherever you at and just make sure to have some free spots around.

  • Take a look at the outside/nature around

Wide, open, and green spaces give less strain to the brain in perceiving the vision and the tone of color. This psychological process also brightens the move and puts your mind at ease. Added with the cool and fresh breeze, any pressure will go away in instant.

  • Imagine your happy place

Close your eyes for ten or more seconds and visualize the peaceful place around you. Then try to make all your senses feel the environment of your happy place. Pretend like you feel the breeze, the hustle, the smells, or any senses that you experience if you are in that place.

  • Tug your hair

Pull gently your hair and give a little massage to your scalp. The physical touch on your head relaxes the muscles and nerves that get tensed.

  • Do some little dance

Imagine your favorite songs and do some little funny moves to them. Anyone who sees you might think that you are crazy. Yet, the moves will unwind your taut body and calm down your nerve. So, make sure to find a place where no one can see you, do that goofy dance and your confidence might also level up.

  • Take a walk

Just go wander around your neighborhood. It does not have to be in rush. You can take a slow step as your mind will slow down too. As you walk, the blood circulation is increasing and your brain receives more oxygen to release the stress.

The edible ones

  • Sip some herbal tea or warm milk

Beverages with high caffeine prevent adenosine absorption which may cause stress. Hence low or even non-caffeine drinks are good for relaxation. Even they can make you fall asleep faster. L-Theanine substance in herbal tea is effective in lowering stress hormones.

  • Munch chewing gums

Munching is the best way to channel the anger or stress in your body. The sweet or other taste essences from gums help to improve the mood too. Yet you need to be careful in munching or your tongue might get bitten.

  • Dark chocolate

The high antioxidants in dark chocolate are good to lower stress hormone levels. It also contains less sugar making it safe for those who have sweet teeth. Various research has proved that consuming this chocolate regularly can lower blood pressure, improve mood and release stress.

  • Chomp crunchy fruits or vegs

For a healthier option, crunchy vegs or fruits like celery, cucumber, apple, and more are yummy to chew. Chomping them is better than clenching your jaw while you are angry or get stressed out. After munching them, you may feel a little healthier also.

  • Bite sour fruits

Tropical and sour fruits like mango, guava, passion fruit, soursop, and others have Linalool compound and this compound is proven to lower anxiety and stress. In addition, high levels of Vitamin C also contribute to fighting the stress hormone.

The most enjoyable ones

  • Exercise and do your sport

This way to get relaxation may take time and a certain place, but it is worth doing. While your body moves, the endorphins are released. The chemicals can balance the adrenaline and cortisol hormones which cause stress. Exercising for at least twenty minutes will make you feel a calming effect.

  • Meditate

The main purpose of meditation is to tidy up your jumbled thoughts that cause stress. It takes full concentration and certain physical techniques to have a tranquil mind. Hence there are various types of mediation you can try. Then find the best one that suits you.

  • Write down what you feel

For some, writing works like therapy. At the moment when you cannot express verbally what you feel, jot your feeling down. The result is similar to feeling as if you have just talked to or shared with someone else.

  • Play some simple games

The point of playing is not to win, but to shift your mind to something simpler so you can regain the energy. Coloring pictures, doing simple puzzles, crosswords, and more are just some examples.

  • Listen to peaceful music

Everyone may have her or his preference for music. Some genres might also be adrenaline-pumping or even soothing. Generally, people find classical music peaceful. Yet practically you can play any songs that you feel calming you.

  • Watch a comedy show

Laughing is the best weapon to fight stress. The amount of endorphins released while laughing is almost equal to the ones released during a workout. You can go to a theatre, watch the TV or even stream online any show that makes you laugh.

  • Gardening

While gardening, you can get closer to nature, enjoy the warm sunlight, move your body, organize your mind and be present. This is a great escape from the stressful environment or routine.

  • Bath in warm water and some essential oil

After a tiring day, there is no better way to relax other than soaking your body in warm and relaxing water with a soothing aroma. The changed body temperature feels like relaxation to the mind.

  • Get a massage

Do you know what is more enjoyable than soaking in water? Yass, getting a gentle massage. Last but not least, being massaged during the spa is the ultimate relaxation you can get. You only need to find a spa that provides great service and high-quality products of a spa. You can find this type of spa in Bali and the name of it is Jaens Spa. Go there and check it by yourself.

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