Facial with natural ingredients to clean, refine, restore and moisturize your skin, complemented by a relaxing massage targeted at the face upper chest, neck and shoulders. Feel radiant, look younger what more can you ask for? Relax and revitalize by one of our two Biokos facials. Put your best face forward!


This facial treatment will be started from deep-pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation, toning, face, neck and shoulder massage. The refreshing addition of honey and slices of cucumber calm inflammation and hydrate your skin. The principle ingredients of this facial – honey and cucumber – have good reputation with healers throughout the centuries. It helps for healing and moisturizing skin. These two natural ingredients reduce the discomforts of skin irritation and stem infection while promoting new cell growth. By a honey face massage and relax under a cucumber mask with this ancient combination of skin healing, and moisturizing