Body Massage for a Healthier Body

You spend all day sitting while working in the office. These activities can be very tiring for the body. Your body needs a massage to restore its fitness. There are many types of body massage, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Each activity can have a different effect on the body. You can consult a therapist to determine the type of massage needed. If you are still unfamiliar with this one term then you need to read the article to the end. Who knows your body really needs a massage from the SPA.

What Is Body Massage?

Massageis a method to give special emphasis to the muscles of the body through the skin surface. Massage can be changed manually or by using a machine. But most people think that machine massage has not as good results as manual massage. There are many types of self-massage movements that can become more effective when heat is added to a certain temperature.

Pressure to massage often uses several parts of the body such as the hands, fingers, knees, and elbows. While the machines often have variations in the form of vibration machines, roller machines, massage chairs, and so on. However, spa therapist usually uses manual massage rather than machine massage.

Every therapist in the spa is already a professional in massage. They understand which muscles are prone to experiencing problems in their consumers. The therapists are able to help muscles become more relaxed. Sometimes they use warm water or strong water jets to enhance the massage effect.

Kinds of Body Massage

We have already discussed the meaning of massage. You also have to understand that there are many types of body massage. You can find out the various body massages as well as their functions.

  1. Deep Tissue Massage

The first type that we will discuss is called deep tissue massage. This type of massage puts pressure on the fascia and deeper tissues of the body. To be able to provide deeper pressure, therapists often use the kneading method. This method is suitable for removing stubborn aches.

According to many sites, deep tissue massage can reduce problems that often affect a person’s movement. Those of you who often experience pain in one place are advised to use deep tissue massage. This method is much more capable of relieving aches in the dipper layer of muscle than Swedish Massage.

  1. Swedish Massage

This type of massage can help the body become more relaxed. Spa therapists will use a variety of things such as circular motion, gliding strokes, and kneads. Some of these techniques can help relieve muscle aches that are quite mild. Therapists often add aromatherapy candles to make it even more beautiful.

In addition to helping the muscles become more relaxed, Swedish massage can relieve stress. Blood flow also becomes more different so that the body feels more fit. Swedish massage itself is more suitable for blood flow in the back area. You are very suitable to choose Swedish massage when the body feels mild to moderate aches.

  1. Hot Stone Massage

Another type of spa massage is hot stone massage. The hot stone technique is used to relieve tense muscles in a specific area. The hot stone massage itself does not use much hand massage like a Swedish massage. The heated stone will help improve blood flow as well.

If you often feel excessive soreness at a point then hot stone massage therapy is the answer. The hot stone method itself uses basalt stones with a smoother surface so that it is comfortable on the skin. Hot stone itself can also be placed by the therapist in the facial area to relieve certain tensions in the facial muscles.

  1. Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage comes from Japan and China. This type of activity focuses on removing the blockage to the flow of energy or so-called Qi. This type of massage can be a good stress release method. In addition to facilitating blood flow, shiatsu massage is also useful for making the body produce the hormone oxytocin.

Therapy often uses various shiatsu massage techniques. For example, massage using your knees, elbows, or feet. All techniques provide different levels of muscle tension. You can come to the spa and ask for a shiatsu massage when your body is under stress and fatigue.

  1. Reflexology

This type of reflexology massage utilizes gentle pressure on several muscle points. The emphasis in certain areas is often directed to the hands, feet, and also tear areas. This method is very effective in restoring energy levels. Not only reduces stress, but reflexology is also useful for relieving symptoms of fatigue, improving sleep quality, and also improving mood.

So those of you who experience insomnia should also go to the spa to receive reflexology. Reflexology treatments are useful for making people easier to sleep better. This method is also suitable for people who are uncomfortable with a full-body massage.

  1. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

We will also discuss Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This type of Lymphatic Drainage Massage is able to stimulate the performance of lymph fluid so that it can circulate properly throughout the body. The lymphatic system has a role in removing toxic substances to prevent damage for the cell. Improving the lymphatic system can be useful for reducing edema, fatigue, insomnia, stress, migraine, and skin disorders.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is very useful in improving overall body health. According to a health site, massage in the lymphatic area can relieve a person’s arthritis. However, people with certain conditions are prohibited from receiving this type of massage, such as people who suffer from kidney failure, liver problems, and also heart failure.

This type of massage usually takes at least 1 hour. For those of you who are interested in getting a Lymphatic Drainage Massage, you should come to Jaens spaJaens spa has professional therapists. You can also consult to be able to take the type of massage according to the condition of your body.

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