Getting a Massage Spa Service in the Center of Ubud

Jaens Spa - Treatment 51

Ubudis well-known among travellers for it offers an escape from the fast, busy and crazy modern life. In Ubud, you can slow down, take a deep breath, enjoy your beautiful green surrounding and pamper yourself with the famous Balinese spa. One place you can go to is Jaens Spa.

Jaens Spa is located not far from the center of the region. It is near Agung Rai museum of art, you can even take a walk to the place from the museum. Imagine getting a relaxing massage after a day of getting fascinated by the wonderful local art. It takes 2 minutes on foot; you will get there before you know it.

Jaens Spa offers massage spa service in different kind of packages. They are affordable and you can choose one service from a range of offers. Starting from USD 10, you can get a back relief massage to release all the tension from working too hard or being in one position for a little too long or just relieve stress by enjoying being taken care of. If you don’t feel like taking your shirt off, you can go for a foot reflexology massage for the same price. Both treatments take 45 minutes.

More complete packages for massage spa service are available if you plan to spend more or less 5 hours getting revamped and revitalized. The packages’ cost is starting from USD 38. You will get a full head to toe treatment including facialcream bath, and body massage. You will be served a dish for a light lunch and a drink between treatments. For packages that cost more, you can get a flower bathbody scrub and mask, manicure and pedicure, and also a different choice for the lunch. Go to their website www.jaensspa.com for more thorough information.

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