The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

In contrast to traditional massage in general, which relies on massage oil and massage techniques, this massage uses hot stones. Although not as popular as reflexology and massage, massage therapy with hot stones is very popular.


Several spa facilities in big cities have started offering hot stone massage services, you know. It is said that this therapy does have many health benefits.


Is hot stone massage safe?

What is a hot stone massage? Maybe some people don’t hear much about the term hot stone massage. How come? Imagine when you are massaged with hot stones, you certainly think this can irritate the skin.


However, it turns out that hot stone massage is not that bad. This massage technique is done with basalt stones that have been soaked in hot water. Of course, the heat level is also fairly safe for the skin.


In fact, the stone used is not just any stone, but basalt stone. This volcanic rock is known to retain heat so that the warm feeling on the skin lasts a long time.


The area to be massaged with basalt is also defined. Of course, the therapist has recognized which areas are not sensitive, such as the waist, back, chest, palms, feet, and face.


In addition to placing hot stones on the area, the therapist also performs a series of massage techniques that will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Not only using hot stones, but the therapist also uses cold stones to soothe the skin after massage. Besides soothing the skin, the touch of a cold stone also soothes the blood vessels.


A hot stone massage is known to have existed since 2,000 years ago and was first introduced in China. This practice has also spread to several countries including Indonesia.


So, we can conclude that hot stone massage is relatively safe. However, make sure you choose a professional service to get the best benefits.


What are the benefits of hot stone massage?

Since hot stone massage has been known for thousands of years, of course, this massage offers many benefits for the health of our bodies.


Relieving Pain and Aches

Like massage in general, massage therapy with hot stones is known to treat pain and aches throughout the body. In addition, hot stone massage is also known to reduce complaints experienced by fibromyalgia sufferers.


Fibromyalgia is a complex pain syndrome that attacks the joints, muscles, and bones. This disease is often not detected medically because it is not accompanied by inflammation.

Relieves Tension in Joints And Muscles

A hot stone massage is known to help relax the tension in the joints and muscles that make the body feel stiff. In more severe cases, joint and muscle tension can even cause pain when moving.


Usually, muscle tension occurs in people who do not move or move too much. Well, a hot stone massage can be a solution.


Massage with hot stones can help relax muscle tension so that the body becomes more comfortable and easy to move.


Lowering the Risk of Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms can cause pain that lasts for days. This condition usually occurs because tense and stiff muscles are left untreated.


Therefore, when the body feels stiff, immediately treat it with a hot stone massage to avoid the risk of muscle spasms.


Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Several studies have found a correlation between massage therapy and reduced stress and anxiety. This is inseparable from the relaxation effect that is felt when receiving a hot stone massage.


Make Your Sleep More Sound

The massage itself relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation so that the body becomes relaxed. Moreover, generally hot stone massage is done in a spa room that has been arranged in such a way to bring a sense of calm.


A relaxed body automatically makes sleep more sound. With better sleep quality, you will wake up refreshed and ready to carry out daily activities.

So, if you have trouble sleeping, try pampering yourself with a hot stone massage.


Increase Endurance and Stamina

It’s not nonsense, it turns out that massage therapy can also increase the body’s immunity. This is evidenced by a study in 2010 which found a decrease in blood levels of arginine-vasopressin after massage.


Arginine-vasopressin is a hormone that functions to help manage blood pressure and water retention. When blood pressure is maintained properly, our bodies will be stronger to face various diseases.


Things to Pay Attention to Before Getting Hot Stone Massage

Although fairly safe, massage therapy with hot stones is not recommended for certain people and conditions. Therefore, pay attention to the following conditions before trying a hot stone massage.

Don’t message if there are cuts or bruises

Hot stones placed on a cut or bruised skin are at risk of causing irritation and tissue damage. So, wait until your skin heals first.


Don’t massage when you feel unwell

Massagetherapy with hot stones is not recommended for those who are experiencing fever. The reason is, that the touch of hot stones will increase body temperature.


Consult a doctor if you suffer from this disease

In general, hot stone massage therapy can provide a relaxing effect and is considered safe for all ages.

However, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor first if you suffer from serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

The reason is, these health problems are related to the condition of the blood vessels so that it can be risky.


It is not good for pregnant women and children

Children and pregnant women should be more careful when choosing massage therapy. Although there are many types of massage, not all of them are recommended for pregnant women and children, including hot stone massage.


Finally, if you want to get a hot stone massage, it seems that you need to entrust it to a professional therapist. In this case, you can go to a spa. If you stay in BaliJaens Spa is the best place to get this hot stone massage. Jaens Spa offers many kinds of massage methods that you like including hot stone massage. It is your best time to enjoy a hot stone massage to relax your body after you spend your day working or on holiday.

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