4 Great Things You Can Do at Jaens Spa During Your Holiday in Bali

Jaens Spa - Made Rinun & Nuratni Body Massage 27

When travelers go to Bali, most of them usually want to get the traditional Balinese massage. If you have the same intention, then you can simply go to Jaens Spa. This facility is one of the best local massage facilities you can find in Ubud. In this place, we can do several things which will complete our trip in the paradise island.

1. Body Massage

The very first thing you must try once you arrive at Jaens Spa is to enjoy the massage. This place offers several different types of body massages. That includes hot stone massage, Back relief massagesynchronicity massage, and many more.

2. Body Care

Do you want to relax as well as enhance the beauty of your body at the same time? You can request their body care treatments then. Here they have 3 kinds of treatment you can choose. The first one is the combination of body massage and scrub. The second one is massage and body mask. The last one is body massage complete with scrub and mask. Whichever you choose, you will come out with more relaxing and better-looking skin body.

3. Beauty Care

Besides for body, they also have some beauty treatments for your hair and face too. For hair care, you can try their Cream Bath & Hair Treatment and Hair Wash. To enhance the beauty of your skin face, you can go with their Biokos Natural Facial and Traditional Honey Cucumber Facial. Both of these treatments use natural ingredients. Furthermore, you can also enjoy their pedicure or manicure for foot and hand treatment.

4. Massage Course

Want to learn how to give a massage? Jaens Spa can teach you about that. They will offer you several different courses based on the number of the day. All of these courses will earn you a certificate once you have finished the learnings and practices completely.

The activities above are only a few things we can do at Jaens Spa. There are still some more of them if you go to this place. For example, we can take Bali Spiritual Tour, do yoga and meditation, get Ayurvedic treatment, etc. All in all, this will be a great place to get some new experiences during our holiday in Bali.

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