Fun Activities to Do in Bali

Jaens Spa - Nail Gel Polish 16

Bali has all the interesting activities to keep you busy day and night. There are adventurous activities that you should try such as trekking, surfing, cycling, and more. If you prefer more relaxing activities, you can try to join a cooking class, get some spa and massage, yoga, visits a coffee plantation, and more. But when you go with your little princess, there is one activity that you can do together for pampering. Nail arts become more and more popular activity in Bali as complimentary to spa and massage.

There are lots of nail salons which offer mom daughter nail service package. Imagine having nail service together with you daughter then go for a light shopping after it. It will be super fun and also keep your daughter busy. Before choosing one nail salon, here are some points that you should consider.

•    Quality – the quality of the nail salon and the nail products is crucial. The nail salon does not have to be expensive, but it should put quality service and product in the front line. Low-quality nail polish, gel nail, or acrylic nail polish will give poor-looking nail arts. It will easily crack, lift, or turn yellow.

•    The staff – take note of the staff and customer service. The nail salon should use professionally trained staff to cater great nail. You also surely do not want to waste money for some poor-looking nail service.

•    The time – you should also consider the time spent for doing nails. It should not take too long because it bore your daughter. In return, choose nail salon which cares your nail extra carefully.

The Jeans spa offers various ranges of massagespa treatment, and also nails treatment with full day spa as the most favorite package. They are the best spa in the town that you can choose for a spa vacation in Bali.

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