4 Health Benefits You Can Get from Jaens Spa’s Shiro Dara Treatment

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Are you looking for Shiro Dara treatment in Bali? There is no need to look further as you can go straight to Jaens Spa. This Balinese massage facility can offer you this ancient technique from India. Here they will use oil for the pouring process. Getting this technique will be very beneficial for your health, spiritually and physically.

1. Body and Mind Relaxation

The main purpose of this medication is actually to improve your spiritual or emotional life. The medicated oils they use will be able to get rid of harmful toxins from your body. It will purify both body and soul so there will be no more negative feelings. This will be very helpful to those who have issues like stress or depression.

2. Energy Enhancement

When the oils are poured to the head, it will move to the other areas of our body. The flowing movement actually can enhance the energy inside our body. That will turn us to be more active. This is a perfect solution for people who try to recover after a long-term illness.

3. Insomnia Treatment

As we have said before, this Ayurvedic technique has the ability to tone down your stress level. The lower stress level you have, the higher chance you will get to cure your insomnia. When the oils are poured to your head, it can calm your mind and stabilize your nerveous system. Consequently, your insomnia will be slightly cured.

4. Hair Loss Treatment

Besides for psychological issues, this technique works well for physical problems too. In this case, it can treat our hair loss problem. It is because the oils used for this medication consist of healthy nutrients for our hair and scalp. They can strengthen the hair follicles and boost the ability to grow new hair.

To conclude, whenever you are feeling stressed or having hair issues, just come to Jaens Spa. Their Shiro Dara treatment will be a great solution to those problems. For a better result, you can try their other treatments as well.

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