Best Massage to Maintain Your Health

Spalovers definitely don’t hesitate to spend the weekend getting massage treatments. For those of you who also often feel aches in the body, it is recommended that you come to a spa at least once a month. Massage at the spa is able to increase blood flow so that you no longer feel sore. The type of best massage that you can choose is also very varied.

If your body doesn’t just feel achy, try to get a reflexology treatment. Reflexology is able to relieve various symptoms of illness, such as heartburn, kidney, dizziness, and others. Each type of massage offers different benefits to the body. All the information will be explained in more detail below.

A Brief History of Massage

Basically Asian countries are known for their massage techniques since centuries ago. It turns out that massage techniques can really have a positive impact on body health. Almost all types of massage have an impact on blood circulation. If the body is fit it will have an impact on the body’s metabolism as well which in the end radiates to the face as well. As a result, massage culture managed to survive and remains popular today.

Anyone can get a massage treatment through the spa. Types of massage in each country also have different techniques. Based on many research results, each massage technique has a specific impact on health. In order to get optimal benefits for the body, you should get a massage from a professional. It’s no wonder that therapists go to great lengths to get certified. Certified therapists know about anatomy and physiology.

Both of these knowledge can be utilized by the therapist to make massage techniques more efficient. Customers will feel a real difference after coming to the spa. One type of massage that has a lot of history is sports massage. This type of massage has grown rapidly since the 1962 era during the Asian Games. Since then, many Indonesian people have studied sports massage.

Sports massage is able to restore the physical condition of athletes due to injuries. While the type of massage that comes from China is reflexology and Shiatsu massage comes from Japan.

Popular Types of Massage in spa

We already know a glimpse of the history of massage in various parts of Asia. Now it’s time to discuss more deeply about the types. Immediately we start the discussion of the types of massage below.


  1. Hot Stone Massage

massage treatment that is quite popular and ordered by many customers is a hot stone massage. This technique is useful for reducing muscle fatigue and pressure in a muscle point. Hot Stone is able to make the points that are blocked in the muscles can be relaxed. The warm temperature of the stone can help widen blood flow so that it flows more smoothly. Smooth blood flow will make the body relax automatically.

This one session often lasts at least 1 hour. The therapist will heat the stone to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes the therapist will also apply warm oil to the stone so that the stone can be used to massage the entire body. You don’t need to be afraid that the stone will hurt the surface of the skin because the surface has been made to be smooth.

  1. Aromatherapy Massage

Those of you who like fragrant smells are very appropriate to take aromatherapy massage. This type of treatment can improve mood and reduce stress. Several studies have also proven that this massage can reduce anxiety to symptoms of depression as well. The massage therapist does by giving muscle tension so that it can immediately relieve pain in the body.

This massage also uses massage oil which can help the skin become healthy. Essentials oil is capable of. The choice of massage oil is very varied and customers can tell the therapist which type of massage oil they want to give. Aromatherapy massage will provide a full body massage.

  1. Thai Massage

We will also talk about Thai massage as one of the best massages in many SPAs. This type is also able to make the body and mind fresher. A fresh body and mind will definitely be more protected from stress so that it can prevent someone from experiencing insomnia. Another benefit is being able to increase energy levels in the body.

Customers who want this type of massage will get a full body massage. They also need to move the body to do some movements, such as yogic stretching. The therapist will direct the yoga stretching movements slowly. Then the therapist will apply pressure to the entire body using the fingers and palms. The duration of this type of massage is at least 1 hour to 90 minutes.

  1. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The next best massage is Lymphatic Drainage Massage or often abbreviated as MLD. This type of massage can provide many benefits to the body. Some of the benefits are helping to remove toxins from the body, increasing blood flow, and also curing fatigue, insomnia, etc. According to many health websites, MLD is able to treat several diseases such as edema, stress, arthritis, migraine, and also lymphedema.

But you also need to pay attention to some conditions that do not allow someone to get this treatment. For example, someone who suffers from congestive heart failure, infection, liver problems, and kidney problems. You should discuss this with your doctor before you get this treatment. The duration of this type of treatment is a minimum of one hour. Some SPAs have a duration of more than 1 hour.

5. Reflexology

We will also talk about reflexology as a type of treatment that the spa offers. This treatment will not provide treatment throughout the consumer’s body. The therapist will only press a few points on the feet, ears, and hands. The pressure given is able to make blood flow smoothly and the body becomes relaxed.

The benefits of reflexology are also quite a lot for health, such as making it easier for someone to sleep, relieve anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression, and reduce pain at a specific body. The pressure that the therapist applies can act like acupressure.

You want to try those treatments so that you can come to Jaens Spa. Our therapist will give consumer the best spa treatment due to their certification and experiences.

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