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Massagehas been around for centuries to help relieve muscle pain as well as for relaxing. It has become the alternative to relieve pain, muscle stress, or simply to get relax. One of the most popular massage choices is the Deep Tissue Massage. Different from common massage types, Deep Tissue Massage is specifically designed to target deeper layers of tissue or muscles. The massage uses various kinds of techniques including slow strokes and such. The Jeans Spa also provides this massage and also Ayurveda Spa to complete your treatment in Bali.

About Deep Tissue Massage

The different point of tissue massage is that it is mostly used to treat chronic pain or tight muscles, postural problems, repetitive strain, and also injury recovery. After having this massage, you will feel sore for one to two days. The massage uses deep finger pressure with firm and slow stroke. Even though this massage is beneficial for muscle treatment, but it also has some therapeutic effects as well.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Before having this massage, it is important to note that it is mainly used for rehabilitation and therapy instead of relaxation. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any discomfort after the massage.

•    Lower high blood pressure – this massage is designed to work on deeper tissue layers on the body. The massage movement also gives impact on the blood flow.

•    Treat back pain – since this massage works on the deeper layer of tissue, it is beneficial to reduce chronic lower back pain. It also scored higher result than a therapeutic massage.

•    Reduce arthritis symptoms – arthritis can seriously affect your life. This massage is beneficial to reduce pain and stiffness. Even if it is beneficial to treat arthritis symptoms, but the massage should become the complementary treatment for doctor-prescribed treatment.

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