Choosing Jaensspa for the Best Spa Center in Bali

A Spa is the best place to relax in Bali Island when you spend your holiday in this beautiful Island. Since you will continue your next journey tomorrow, then you have to be fresh and spirited. However, if you want to get recovery again, you need to go to a spa center. There are so many spa services available in Bali, even your hotel where you stay also provides it for you. But, most of the best spa services are located in Ubud, such as Jaensspa that offers massage spa services for all tourists who want to get relaxation and other services.

What do you get from a spa center?

There are so many kinds of spa services that you can try when you visit Jaensspa. Jaensspa is not the only spa center available in Ubud, but Jaensspa is considered as the best spa service in Bali that provides a lot of services including massage, back relief massage, foot reflexology massage, traditional Balinese massage, Radja Synchronically, Balinese hot stone, relaxation body scrub, body mask, hair cream bath, natural facial, traditional cucumber facial, and much more. For those who have just got married and currently get a honeymoon in Bali, they also can try Honeymoon Spa package.

How much do the services cost in Jaensspa?

As a trustworthy and experienced Spa center, Jaensspa offers reasonable spa service packages. The price service starts from Rp. 100.000 up to 750.000 depending on the services you choose. If you want to save money, then you can choose special Ubud spa packages such as Holistic and Beauty package, Relaxation spa package, Radja Nenda Spa package, Radja Jaens Spa package, and Honeymoon Spa package. However, you can also take one service only at affordable prices. There are also some additional services available such as Balinese headache pressure joint, Yoga and Meditation retreat, flow relaxation massage, four handed hot stone, Reiki and 7 Chakra healing, and etc.

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