All about Spa Therapists and the Qualification of Being Spa Therapists

Being a Spa Therapist is one of the fields that young people, especially women, are currently pursuing. A Professional Female Spa Therapist is more in demand by clients to massage their bodies because the clients will feel uncomfortable if the massage is carried out by men. However, some female and male clients choose male therapists in massage services because men are considered to have more power than women in doing pressure.


Not all therapists who work in spas have to have massage skills, some of them may specialize in beauty treatments, skin treatments, or other typical spa procedures. In general, a therapist depends on what the spa needs. Generally, spa owners expect their staff to study at their place, and of course, the therapist must have basic massage or experience as a therapist.


Massage is the most common and important thing that must be mastered by a therapist. Massage is often a major part of the spa business and can be combined with other beauty treatments. In specialty spas, spa therapists may perform very unique Treatments or unusual physical treatments, and most spa therapists have a degree or certificate in Massage.


A Therapist may be expected to be able to master various kinds of treatments for clients. Most spas will teach their staff how to use all the products they offer, as well as how to promote their treatments. General knowledge about beauty and skin health can be very useful in a spa environment.


The therapist is also required to at least master a computer, receive calls/operators must also be able to use the cash register, manage bookings, this is because some spas sometimes do not provide receptionist services to do all that. Also, since many spa therapists work quite independently with a regular group of clients, it is important to maintain good relationships with clients through good business practices.

The Duty of Spa Therapists

That’s a piece of brief information related to spa therapists. In fact, spa therapists have several duties to give services to their customers.


  1. Welcoming consumers

The presence of consumers is the most eagerly awaited by the spa. The therapist should greet them in a friendly manner. A sincere and warm smile will make every customer who comes feel welcome.


The therapist escorts customers to the treatment room as soon as they meet the receptionist and get their turn. Next, the therapist invites you to sit or lie down to get treatment.


  1. Understand customer needs

Consumers who come to the spa require different treatments. Therefore, therapists must know their needs through consultation sessions. To understand the customer’s needs, the therapist needs to have the ability to listen actively.


Customer needs can be identified by asking several questions. It doesn’t stop there, the therapist also analyzes the conditions and needs of the customer and then suggests the most appropriate type of treatment and spa products.


  1. Doing treatment or massage

Professional massage therapists have mastered various treatment techniques commonly offered at spas. They also understand how to operate tools and use maintenance products. Massage services also depend on the needs and the type of massage to be given. Some therapists have special skills in performing certain massages. Therefore, customers need to consult with the receptionist to find out the type of massage to be given.


  1. Recommend massage treatment products

Every spa uses products used for treatment. These products can come from a certain brand or the results of their own production. The therapist must know every product used, including the ingredients, ingredients, and benefits. Massage treatment products will be applied to the body of the customer who gets a massage.


  1. Fostering a good relationship with customers

Loyal customers are those who are satisfied with the services provided by the therapist. Therefore, the therapist must serve and provide the best possible treatment to consumers.

Good relationships with customers can be created through communication. Some tips that can be practiced such as always giving a friendly smile and calling the client’s name. This will make customers feel valued and give them emotional warmth.

Therapist Qualifications

Not only technical skills, but the therapist must also master various other skills. Generally, they have mastered it while still studying. Their skills will be further honed when they work in a spa.

The qualifications and requirements that the therapist must have are:

  • The technical skills to carry out massage treatments of the highest standard,
  • Customer service that makes them feel comfortable,
  • Verbal communication includes listening to the client’s needs,
  • Ability to operate basic computers and electronic systems,
  • Willingness to continuously learn new massage and other treatment techniques,
  • Keep up with the latest massage treatment trends.

How to Become a Massage Therapist?

If you are interested in working as a massage therapist, then you can register for massage courses. You will get training classes with useful material to support your career.

Generally, students will get more practical classes than theory. After completing classes, students must pass a series of practical and written exams. This exam aims to produce qualified therapists who are ready to work. If you pass the exam, the therapist will get a certification to use for work or practice.

Those who have graduated from massage school can then work in spas. In addition, running your own business or working part-time can be an option for those who want a more flexible job.

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