5 Reasons Why Reflexology Is Good For You

Reflexology is one art that is sadly often misunderstood. Most people take it as a massage method with a lot of pressure and power. While it’s true that reflexology requires giving enough energy to pressure, it needs to be precise and can’t be just at some random points.

But beyond easing the pain, reflexology has more health benefits for you. It also can boost your mood and rejuvenate your energy. If you often feel headaches at random times, you can rely on a reflexology session to reduce or even remove them altogether. 

Reflexology comes from the ancient Chinese knowledge about thousands of nerve points on a human’s soles and hands. These points each correlate with an organ and your whole bodily system. And when you give enough pressure to these points, your organs will react for you to feel the effect.


5 Reasons Why It Matters

Many people confuse reflexology with regular massage. While both are good for your well-being and work well in alleviating the pain. But reflexology is common without any massage oil. It also focuses on specific body parts such as hands, feet, and shoulders. Massaging specific focuses will hit the affected organs right away.

You can do reflexology for fifteen minutes until one hour once or twice a month. It is best to give a proper break period between each therapy. It’s to give your muscles and joints some time to relax and adjust. Here are five benefits that you can have from having regular reflexology sessions.


  1. It’s a great way to relax

One of the most apparent benefits of a reflexology treatment is for your health, both physically and mentally. While it can be obvious physically, it doesn’t diminish how great it is on reducing your stress level.

Just like the name implies, the treatment will help you relax. The pressure may be a little painful to some, but it’s hitting the deep tissue. Therefore, it has a relaxing effect despite the initial pain.

To reach the maximum effect, you can’t rush a therapy session. You need to spend at least 30 minutes on a short massage session to have the most optimum effect. And for the time, you can take your mind off of whatever is bothering you and enjoy the massage


  1. It helps eases pain

Reflexology is often a popular choice to alleviate pain. Most fans enjoy the pressure technique that focuses on specific points instead of the whole body like a regular massage.

The technique in reflexology is using thumbs to add pressure at some points. You may feel pain during the massage, but you better believe that you will feel much better afterward.

Most reflexology effects won’t be noticeable until you pass the first 24 hours. Of course, you will feel refreshed and better after therapy. But in the long run, you will notice how you feel less pain and have more energy.


  1. It increases blood flow

Many people take good blood flow for granted. They think that the headaches and other discomfort don’t come from the irregular blood flow.

The red blood cell is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body.

You can feel the effect right away, as you feel less pain and no more.

Many people who suffer from asthma or back pain choose reflexology as their therapy method. The same goes for those with constant migraine or an irregular menstrual cycle.

It’s worth noting that most competitive sports teams employ a professional massage team. They often include reflexology in their practice to hit the deep tissue and help the athletes to reach their top performances.

However, keep in mind that it’s only a supplementary therapy. You’re not supposed to treat massage as the primary method of healing. If you have serious health issues like sclerosis or acute back pain, you need to consult with your physician to know if reflexology will be helpful.

  1. It removes toxins

Not many people understand how reflexology can remove toxins from their bodies. Unlike other detox programs that involve taking a supplement, reflexology pressures the nerves to improve blood circulation. As a result, your body will have a higher oxygen level in the blood.

Having more oxygen in your blood means that it drives off toxins. You may feel sweaty or even have rashes after a session. But you don’t need to worry since it’s only a side effect of toxin removal. These side effects will only last for a couple of hours.

In general, you will feel much better after the session. Another effect of toxin removal is a better digestion system and feeling more energized for days.

  1. It can lift your mood

It sure sounds cliche, but you can tell how refreshed you feel after a massage. Other than being the side effect of being very relaxed, having a better blood flow can lift your mood.

When you feel relaxed, your brain releases endorphins or the happy hormone. While reflexology may not give a lot of endorphins, it’s still enough to give your mood a boost. When you go for reflexology regularly, you can keep your stress level at bay and become more optimistic.

As you’re in control of your stress, you take your body and mind to a balance. You can reap the benefits in the long run with regular therapy sessions.

Where You Can Have Reflexology

While reflexology can be complicated to understand, it’s also undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate your body. However, you can’t just massage your feet and call it reflexology treatment. You need to go to the right place to have the best experience in this practice.

Keep in mind that many spas offer reflexology services. However, you need to pay attention to the staff’s expertise. The touch and overall experience can be personal, but you need to know what constitutes a good reflexology massage.

One of the best spa places to have a massage is Jaens Spa in UbudBali. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Jaens Spa has all you need for a relaxing massage experience. You will feel rejuvenated and ready for what comes your way after therapy here.

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