Couple Spa; How Worthy It Is

As the name implies, a couple spa is a spa treatment that serves couples.  Many couples favor this kind of service as they can enjoy their time together with their loved ones. A spa for couples is easy to find in most spa centers.  This kind of service delivers more benefits than anyone might have ever imagined before.

Spa for couples service is always worth considering. Many couples, who might have not spent their quality time together, will figure out that they will get closer after the treatment.  Is there any reason why this service can really bring lots of advantages for any couple? 

Best Advantages of Couple Spa

Nobody should doubt that this kind of spa service really brings lots of advantages. The first advantage is definitely for couples’ physical being. They get the right massage service that rejuvenates their body and mind.

The next advantage is the couples’ mental. They will enjoy their quality time together. They might have spent days or weeks without quality communication with each other.  By getting the service together, they can communicate very well while relaxing during the service.

Couple spa is always the right choice for any couple, whether they are newlywed couples or even seniors. Getting a massage at the same time within the same room, any couple can enjoy separate massage tables by two different therapists.

Indeed, a massage is always the best method for rejuvenating.  Couple spa will ensure relaxation for couples who want to reduce stress. Besides, almost all spas for couples ensure elegantly designed rooms with an excellent level of privacy.

What about the cost?  Is this service expensive? Highly reputable spas offer the best prices that meet their standard.  For those who want to find the most reliable spa for couples services, they shouldn’t choose the cheapest one.

Yet, it doesn’t mean that spa for couples with quality treatments and highly skilled therapists will break your bank account.  Prices always come up with quality.  This is to ensure that the spa service can deliver the best treatments with the highest quality ingredients.

The Best Time to Enjoy Spa for Couples

Many couples consider that the best time to enjoy this service is on Valentine’s Day. They want to spend quality time together on this remarkable day. Yet, some other couples consider that they can enjoy the service anytime, whenever they have time.

Usually, spas with couple spa services provide daily services.  Yet, they offer promotional programs during holidays, such as New Year or Valentine’s day. Finding spas that offer this service is very easy, particularly in areas where there are lots of tourists worldwide like Bali.

Bali is rich in hotels and spas. This island is a real heaven for everyone. This is why this island remains the main destination for those who want to enjoy the best holiday experience.

Bali is also rich in natural herbs that many spas use as the main ingredients for spa treatments. No wonder, all treatments here are really worth trying. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy natural beauty treatments that ensure rejuvenation for the body and mind?

Visiting Bali is best at any time. This island ensures all-year-round sun that enhances the best holiday experience. Spending time at holiday spots and winding down at spas will become the most unforgettable experience.

Ubud is one of the most recommended places to visit on this island. It doesn’t only host remarkable tourist resorts, but also the best spas with the most recommended services. Jaens Spa is one of them.

Spa for Couples at Jaens Spa

Jaens Spa is special. Its service varies from body massage, body care, and even home care. Particularly for couple spa,  Jaens offers outstanding services that meet the needs of couples who want to spend wonderful moments in Bali, especially Ubud.

Enjoying a couple spa in Jaens will ensure unforgettable moments for couples. They will bond with each other very well because all massage therapists here know how to deliver the best massage. The massage ensures that the body is releasing oxytocin which offers an affection sense feeling. With this feeling, any couple will have better well-being and relationship.

Jaens Spa understands that every couple needs privacy. This is the main reason why they spend holidays in Ubud and have couple spa treatments here. Enjoying Bali is better whenever they enjoy tranquility while having a massage from highly-skilled therapists.

All spas for couple rooms here are designed in such ways that couples will not want to leave. The ambiance is excellent, thanks to the modern and personal design which lifts up the romantic atmosphere.  No couple will hear the sound of cars, horns, and other disturbing sounds like what big cities offer.

All rooms are very cozy and ensure couples’ privacy. The clean and neat surroundings will make couples enjoy their treatment.  All rooms are equipped with massage tables and chairs, a sauna, flower bath with very fragrant flowers and herbs.  Nothing will beat this wonderful experience.

Packages with the Best Prices

Jaens Spa ensures the best packages for all kinds of treatments, including couple spa. All the packages are highly affordable without taking the service quality for granted.  On the other hand, couples indulge more than the price that they pay for this service.

Couples usually opt for Honeymoon Spa package. This package ensures that all guests get tailored services, based on their needs.  The package includes a flower footbath with a special Balinese massage for the full-body, along with the full-body scrub.  For sure, there is a romantic flower bath in every specially-designed room that couples can enjoy together.

Every couple will get a welcome and closing drink. No couple will feel disappointed in visiting this place.  Here, all beverages served, after the treatment, are healthy, such as young coconut and fruit salad. They can add freshness to the body after special spa massages. 

There is no doubt that Jaens Spa is worth visiting.  It offers more than just couple spa. There are more services to enjoy for everyone who wants to get the best rejuvenation experience.

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