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Are you looking for a luxury spa? Jaens Spa is the perfect place to go for that. Here you can find a number of treatments that will pamper totally pamper you. If you want to enjoy several cares with a single payment, we suggest you to choose Radja Jaens Spa Package. It is a complete package with many lovely offers.

1. Lunch and Drink

With this package, you will not feel hungry anymore. It is because it has included lunch and drink for you. The meal you will eat is simple and light but still tastes delicious.

2. Traditional Balinese Massage

You will get a chance to enjoy their famous traditional massage. The therapist will make sure to relax and renew your body. Also, they will promote a good harmony to your body, mind, and soul with their spiritual touch.

3. Body Scrub & Body Mask

Next, they will continue the treatment with scrubbing and masking. Body scrub will remove your dead skin cells, while body mask will mineralizing your skin. In this part, you can choose the ingredients they have prepared for you.

4. Facial Treatment

Their facial treatment will make your skin face healthier and more appealing. Similar with body scrub and mask, they have prepared the ingredients for you to select. All of them are natural without any chemicals.

5. Hair Creambath

Once they are done with your face, it is time to treat your hair with cream. After the cream application, you will get a massage on your head, shoulders, neck, and arms. Then, they will finish it with shampoo, conditioner, hair tonic, and blow dry.

6. Flower Bath

After getting the treatments above, they will ask you to soak in a flower bath. This treatment is very soothing, especially with the sweet scent coming from the flowers.

7. Pedicure and Manicure

For the final procedure, you will get a hand and foot bath for 5 minutes followed by nail trimming and sculpting with cuticle treatment. There will be another massage session on your hands and legs. For polishing, they will use the one you prefer.

Those are all the treatments you will get from Radja Jaens Spa Package. Without a doubt, this package will make you feel very luxurious. Before using their service, try check out whether there is a spa gift card. It enables you to enjoy the service with more economical price.

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