Get the Best Romantic Spa for Your Honeymoon Trip at Jaens Spa

Jaens Spa - Couple Flower Bath 45

Bali is one of the most favorite destinations for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. Here every couple can do a lot of romantic things together. There is one activity we would like you to try with your spouse, and that is get a couple massage. We highly recommend you to do that at Jaens Spa. They can provide you the best romantic spa which will tone up the romance between you and your lover. So, what kind of service that can give you such result?

1. Traditional Balinese Massage

The first thing you will get here is the famous traditional Balinese massage. The staff of Jaens Spa will take you and your partner to a room. The room has been decorated in such a way so you can feel the romantic atmoshpere. It will feel even much better once the therapists start to massage both of you. You can enjoy this relaxing process for about 60 minutes.

2. Rice Body Scrub

After getting massage, the therapists will start to scrub your body for 45 minutes. In this part, they will use rice as their main ingredient for the scrubbing. This method will remove dead skin cells from your body. In the end, your partner and you will have a beautiful and healthy skin body. You will admire each other even more due to your enhanced beauty.

3. Yoghurt Application

The next treatment you will get is yoghurt application. The therapists will smear the yoghurt to all over your body. The smooth texture and cool sensation of the ingredient will comfort your skin. Furthermore, the yoghurt itself has a natural function to restore the Ph-balance of your skin.

4. Flower Bath

Lastly, both of you and your lover will soak in a flower bath. This is such a perfect time for you two to have a romantic chit chat together. Not to mention, the fragrance of the flower petals will increase the mood for that.

As you can see, Jaens Spa is the best place for couples to spend some lovely time. They will guarantee that their service will add more love to your relationship. So, if you want to experience this best romantic spa, you can do the reservation now.

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