4 Kinds of Spa Package You Must Try at Jaens Spa

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Are you currently at Bali now? Then you must try to visit Jaens Spa. It is a great place where you can relax your body with such a delicate massage. Once you get here, they will offer you a wide variety of massages and other services. If one treatment is not enough for you, you […]

Amazing Benefits Every Lover Can Enjoy from Jaens Spa’s Couple Massage

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If you intend to travel to Bali with your lover, make sure to include Jaens Spa into your destination list. This spa facility has a couple massage package which can make every lovebird feel refreshing. The package includes traditional Balinese massage, rice body scrub, and more lovely treatments. There are several benefits you and your […]

4 Reasons to Try the Best Traditional Balinese Massage at Jaens Spa

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When we are in Bali, there are a lot of things we can do. One of them is getting massage. This will help us a lot in relaxing our body after doing so many activities. If you want to get such relaxation, then you would love to go to Jaens Spa. This place is very […]

Deals and Coupon Spa – Tips to get the Best

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As one of the recently famous provinces in Bali, Ubud has become the alternative destination of domestic and international tourists. If Kuta and Seminyak are famous with the lively beach life; Ubud offers something more laid back and quiet. The town is famous for the affordable and great spa and yoga retreat. There are lots […]

What to Consider when Choosing Spa near Ubud

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One of the famous tourist destinations in Bali is Ubud. The small and quiet town is suitable for those who want something different from the beach town Kuta and Seminyak. Besides lots of exotic places, Ubud is the place to pamper and relax. There are lots of yoga retreat and spa in Ubud which offer […]

Visit Jaens Spa – 3 Reason Why to Get Massage Therapy

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Even when on vacation, getting massage and spa is important. This helps you to stay fit, relax, healthy. In Bali, it is not difficult to find a good spa in affordable price. One of the best spas in Bali is the Jaens Spa which provides traditional Balinese massage, hot stone massage, jet lag massage package […]

Advantage of Spa Booking Online

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A spa vacation is getting more and more popular these days. Bali is one of the most favorite places in Southeast Asia when it comes to the spa. There are lots of spa destinations in the island from luxurious 5-star spa to cheapy cheap spa. One of the most favorite spas in Bali is Jaens […]

What You Need to Know about Salon Spa in Bali

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Bali has transformed to more than a just famous tourist place. The island is also famous for having lots of affordable and great spas. The high demand for massages and spas in the island triggers Balinese people to put spas as one of the famous tourist attraction. There are various types of spa that you […]

Guide to Spa Book in Bali

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Big hotels and resorts in Bali usually offer exclusive spa packages, but small hotels and guesthouses are not. Even though you are staying in a guesthouse or small hotel, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy great spa and massage. There are lots of spas available in Bali besides those in luxury hotels. The […]

Fun Activities to Do in Bali

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Bali has all the interesting activities to keep you busy day and night. There are adventurous activities that you should try such as trekking, surfing, cycling, and more. If you prefer more relaxing activities, you can try to join a cooking class, get some spa and massage, yoga, visits a coffee plantation, and more. But […]