Experience the Tropical Oasis: Unveiling Jaens Spa’s Enchanting Bath Rituals

Indulge in a luxurious tropical bath experience with Jaens Spa’s enchanting bath rituals. Step into a world of tranquility and bliss as we unveil our new and exquisite pandan leaf, cucumber, frangipani, and lemongrass essential oil blend. Let the soothing scent of pandan leaf and refreshing cucumber transport you to a tranquil oasis, while the exotic frangipani and invigorating […]

Healthy Tips: How to Keep Your Body Healthy?

Keeping your body healthy is not an option, but it is an obligation. However, not all of the people even care about their health so they are easily attacked by some dangerous and deadly diseases. Actually, keeping our body healthy is not diffi cult as long as you know the right way. Therefore, you can consider some of the following tips […]

Why is Pampering Your Body with Spa being a Good Choice?

For some people, body pampering has become a necessity because they always want to look beautiful, fresh, and healthy. Although it actually can be done at home, some of them prefer to visit a spa service which provides skin and body care. We figure out, why is pampering the body with Spa being a good choice to do so. Getting […]

Everything About Boreh Body Scrub

For those who love body care and massage in Bali, Boreh is not a strange thing to be heard of. With its strong spice smell and yellowish-to-brownish damp texture, this scrub can make people relaxed. Most spas and beauty salons always provide this type of body scrub and surprisingly it is one of the most requested variants of scrubs. […]