The Different Spa Menu In Jaens Spa Ubud

Spa is a part of wellness and relaxation methods. It involves on rejuvenating body cells using various traditional and modern (yet natural) techniques that the customers have chosen from the spa menu.

The world has recognized Bali’s specialty in providing the best and the most natural spa services. Ubud, in particular, is one of Balinese villages that travelers often refer to for the spa and massage parlors.

Jaens Spa Ubud is one of the spa parlors in Ubud with reasonable price packages and different spa menu to serve you well. “The Art of Wellbeing” becomes the slogan for Jaens Spa Ubud because of the spa menu it offers to the customers.

Body Massage

Body massage is the primary menu in this spa. After all, all spa parlors in Bali are popular for their world-class body massages. The body massage service in Jaens Spa Ubud is no exception.

Traditional Bali Massage is one of the body massage sub-menus you can try in this spa parlor. Most customers experience this massaging technique for 60-90 minutes. The combination between gentle stretches, acupressure, reflexology, and different types of aromatherapy are the keys to Traditional Bali Massage.

Bali Relaxation Massage with its emphasis on face and hand massages is the more practical version of Traditional Bali Massage. It is similar to Traditional Bali Massage in terms of the therapists’ gentleness and flowing style. 

However, it often lasts 30 minutes, which makes it faster than the Traditional Bali Massage. Another thing is that the Bali Relaxation Massage focuses more on soothing stresses. People can’t have choices to feel relaxed, renewed, revived, balanced, rescued, and more, like the ways they can choose in the Traditional Bali Massage.

Balinese massage isn’t the only sub-menu in the body massage menu. Jaens Spa’s body massage also includes Hot Stone, Flow RelaxationSynchronicity, and Aromatherapy Massage.

Body and Beauty Care

Jaens Spa Ubud is not only all about Balinese body massage. Nor that it is only all about the everyday’s Ubud-style massages like aromatherapy or hot stone massages.

This Ubud-based spa parlor also provides a space for caring specifically for the hair and facial until the torso area. Here, you can find other services like creambath and hair wash for the haircare routines and facial treatments to repair your skin conditions.

The body care menu in Jaens Spa Ubud consists of body scrub and mask. In general, the body scrub and mask menu is where you plunge yourself into a bathtub filled with a mineralizing mud mask and a scrub of your choice. 

The body care routine session itself will last for one hour: 45 minutes of scrub, 15 minutes of mask, and another 15 minutes for soaking the body inside either dried flowers or spice baths.

Our spa parlor also makes it possible for you to combine either the scrubbing or masking sessions with body massage. Like any other body massage in our spa parlor, this body massaging package will last for one hour. Note: You have to wear a large saroong to protect your torso during the session.

Miscellaneous Spa Package

Jaens Spa Ubud offers plenty of spa menu that you can choose from, including the miscellaneous spa packages for different purposes.


Many newly-wed couples are doing spa not only for relaxation purposes. For them, spa is a way to pamper themselves, at least for one day after their marriage blessings.


So, we provide a honeymoon spa package for married people who wish to pamper themselves in our spa parlor. In two hours of service, we will provide you with bathtubs, towels, flowers, and other decorations for your honeymoon purposes.


The holistic and beauty spa package is yet another spa package you can choose in Jaens Spa Ubud. This comprehensive “miscellaneous” package encompasses every single body massage, including aromatherapy and hot stone massage.


This package is also the perfect choice for you if you don’t mind long hours of therapy since holistic and beauty spa lasts for four hours (Or twice the duration of the honeymoon package and four times more than the primary menu, which is the body massage menu).


Jaens Spa Ubud In The Future

The pandemic has changed nearly everything, including at-home services. We know this problem well. So, we have planned to prepare home care service packages that you can customize in the future.


Our massage therapist will arrive at your property’s doors when you choose our home care services. The trained therapist will come with your chosen oil, aromatherapy, and other spa equipment. Then, they will perform the technique that you choose.

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