Top Days Spa in Ubud for Head-to-Toe Treatments

Jaens Spa - Treatment 52

Spending holidays in Ubud will put you in awe for its breathtaking beauty. It will also put you in a peaceful state of mind and refreshed body as it offers tons of spas that you can find pretty much in every corner of the district. There are luxurious spas with sky-high pricing and cheap spas that will not always do you good. One of the top days spain Ubud, if you want to take the middle way, is Jaens Spa. It offers diverse packages with a range of costs which are affordable, the service is also incredible. It is located in the south part of the main area in Ubud.

The packages

You can choose one of the packages available there. The packages usually a combination of facial treatment, cream bath for your hair, and a body massage. A light lunch and drink are served in between sessions. There are packages with more treatments like body scrub, body maskflower bath, manicure, and pedicure. The price starts from USD 38 to USD 65 and the duration is from 3 and a half hours to more than 5 hours.

If you seek for a quick tightness and soreness relief, you can opt for the back or foot massage for only USD 10 with the duration of 45 minutes. You can also try hot stone massage to give you the ultimate pampering experience. To get rid of the built-up sebum and oil and dirt on your skin, you can ask them to get you a body care with fragrant scrub.

Reviews from customers

Visit Jaens spa website for getting to know more about their services and the reviews. They display testimonials from satisfied customers from different countries. You can also check out TripAdvisor site which has a page about Jaens spa and the visitors gave them an almost perfect 5 star review.

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