These 5 Types of Beauty Spa at Jaens Spa Will Make You More Beautiful

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Looking for a beauty spa in Bali? Then we have one recommendation for you, and that is Jaens Spa. This place is well-known for their traditional massage. But, they also have beauty care to make their customers more beautiful. In this place, there are 5 beauty treatments you can select.

1. Biokos Natural Facial

This facial treatment aims to clean your face all over. It will also refine your skin as well as restore and moisturize it. This treatment will be combined with a massage to relax the muscle from your face to your feet. There is no need to worry about the ingredients used here since they are all natural.

2. Traditional Honey Cucumber Facial

This is another option of natural facial treatment you can choose. At first, you will get a facial massage using honey. Then, your face will be covered with some slices of cucumber. The combination of these two ingredients can heal and moisturize your skin.

3. Cream Bath and Hair Treatment

Do you have some hair issues like hair loss or dry hair? Then you must pick their cream bath and hair treatment. The treatments included here are hair wash, hair conditioning, hair tonic and blow drying. Besides treating your hair, you will get a massage too from your head to both arms.

4. Hair Wash

If you do not need a complete hair treatment like above, you can simply request them for hair wash only. Here they will shampoo your hair followed with hair conditioning, tonic, and blow dry. While shampooing your hair, the staff will massage your scalp which feels very nice.

5. Pedicure or Manicure

Need a treatment for your foot and hand too? The Ubud manicure or pedicure is ready to pamper you. In this treatment, your hand or foot will bathe for 5 minutes continued with nail trimming and sculpting. There is also a massage given to your hands or legs.

That’s all the beauty treatment you can enjoy at Jaens Spa. Each of them has different period of time and price. Yet, they all will earn you a beautiful skin face and body.

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