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Are reservations necessary? 
Reservations are highly recommended to easier organize the reservation schedule other ways we have full booked.

When should I arrive for my appointment? 
Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start time of your appointment. 

Is there any transportation service? 
Yes. We provide free transportation services within Ubud area and out of Ubud area with low/special charge. Please check location page for further information and let us know if you require our service at the time of booking. 

Can I have a meal at Jaens spa? 
Yes. We provide selection of light meal service at our spa at additional cost, but we don't serve alcohol. Guests are not allowed to bring their own meal from outside to Jaens Spa. 

What about payment? 
We accept cash (US Dollar & Indonesian Rupiah) and for credit cards (VISA, Master & JCB) still under construction. Checks are not accepted. 

I want to visit Jaens spa the day I leave Bali. Do you keep my luggage? 
Yes, we have a room to keep guests' luggage. Please fully enjoy our spa services. It's open until 9:00 PM. To get the transfer service to airport please check our transport service page.

Can male guests enjoy Jaens spa treatment? 

Yes, Jaens spa treatment is developed for both male and female guests. We have famale and male therapist. It is popular among male guests as well. 

How about if i have children? 
We have a very nice person here at jeans spa who will take care your children during you having treatment and you needn't to be worry. Or we will do special treatment for your child as needed.

How if I am pregnant? 

We suggest the treatment which fits to expectant mother, but we recommend you to ask your doctor before the treatment to make sure that your body condition ready to get a treatment. 

What if I have sensitive skin? 

Jaens spa treatment products are developed by Bali Tangi hand made natural holistic healing spa product and Biokos Martha Tilaar for all skin type. If you have specific problem with your skin, please ask at the time of booking. 

Can I get Internet access at Jaens spa? 
Yes. Jaens spa provide FREE WI FI service at the lobby area. 

What kind of treatment room at Jaens spa ? 
We have double room with two bath tub and air conditioner each, so your don't have worry if would like to have treatment for couple. 

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