Getting to Know All About The Traditional Balinese Massage

People all over the world have recognized Bali as the #1 destination for natural self-healing methods. Bali is not only famous for the ceremonies, sarong, batik prints, and many other ethnic elements. The breathtaking landscape setting also makes this region a haven for a traditional Balinese massage.

The conventional

Balinese massage has several unique features like any other Indonesian region. The uniqueness itself does not only rely on the processes and the equipment or tools that the therapists use. Instead, there are a lot more things that we can observe in many traditional Balinese massages, such as the duration, packages and also with the affordable prices.

The Uniqueness

This popular Balinese massage is different from Thai massage where the therapists often perform “rough” actions (such as walking on our back, pounding our back with bare hands, and more). Think about a Balinese massage’s familiarity with Swedish massages. Even though everyday Balinese massage is not as gentle as Swedish massages, the aromatherapy uses are the things that make Balinese massage distinctive from Swedish massages. The combination between gentle pressures, acupressure, and aromatherapy uses, creates a relaxing effect that you don’t normally fi nd in other massage categories, including massages in other Indonesian regions.

The Tools

Aromatherapy is the primary key to the traditional Balinese massage. The frangipani essential oil is the most popular choice of aromatherapy since we can only fi nd it in Bali. It is not only essential oil that people often relate to romance. Frangipani’s benefi t in relaxing the mind and body makes it a perfect match for everyone who is doing a Balinese massage. Other than an essential oil or massage oil, some Balinese massage therapists use massaging tools in different forms according to how we wish to feel after the therapy. Therapists use the rod-like shape with heavy circular ends to treat soft tissue injuries. On the other side, the Y-shaped massaging tool is targeting the person’s body and foot areas. Hence, it makes the Y-shaped massaging tool ideal for relieving fatigue and renewing strengths.

The Benefit

A Balinese massage’s primary specialty lies in sports-related problems. For instance, you can relieve your strengths after weightlifting. Alternatively, you can treat yourself with this world-class massage therapy when you feel injury in some areas of the soft tissues. The Balinese massage therapists’ unique movement flows during the session will ease your everyday stresses. After all, the therapists’ hands move around the areas where the blood is hard to circulate your body systems.

As a result, the traditional Balinese massage detoxifies your blood and blood cells by increasing their consistency in pumping and streaming all around your internal body systems. The detoxification process leaves you feeling nourished and ready to go on through your life. In addition, you can also relieve your muscle tension and stiffness, even more, when you have a Balinese massage session. The combination of gentle stretches, acupressure, and the use of aromatherapy and massaging tools does not only affect the muscle around your torso and below. It also makes your skin’s muscles more flexible. Therefore, it’s not surprising that people who routinely have the Balinese massage session appear several years younger than their actual ages.

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