Spa Treatments for the 5 Human Senses

Here’s more on what usually happens when a qualifi ed spa works their ways to revive their clients’ human senses:

Soothe the eyes— Worldwide spas, especially in Indonesian are famous for their polite and friendly therapist expertise. Warm greetings and qualifi ed spa facilities provide comfort for the senses of sight. So, surrounding a beautiful atmospheric design will defi nitely soothe your eyesight.

Calm hearing— A cosy atmosphere blended with the sound of rippling water stimulates tranquility. Clients’ sense of hearing will soothe through soft music playing (ancient music and nature sounds) in a sound healing session.

Herbal tasting— To soothe clients’ sense of taste just before or during their treatments. A healthy, fresh drink or herbal tea is most favourable, such as ginger drinks or lemongrass tea.

Pleasant smell— The combination of aromatherapy and oil will stimulate the brain to be more relaxed. A qualifi ed spa will provide soothing aromatherapy surrounding the facility.

Touch power— The last sense is to soothe the skin so that clients will feel cozy during their treatments. Here, gentle massages by expert therapists are done all over the body, from the hair to the toes. The power of touch serves to relax tense muscles, improve blood circulation, detoxifi cation, and others. Additionally, a traditional massage technique that relies on pressing the points of the body is done through deep tissue massage.

Therefore, the human senses are also closely related to the feelings of happiness. Starting from the eyes, by looking at the things that make you happy. Then smell, by smelling the scents that make you calm. From the sense of taste, eat what you like. The sense of hearing can be done by tuning-up music to increase mood. And with the sense of touch, wear your favourite lotion every morning to make you feel pleasant. Or else, ask your spouse for a relaxing massage

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