Beauty Care spa for Younger Appearance

Every spa always provides beauty care services, especially for people who are about to get married. Beauty Care in Jaens Spa itself includes many treatments, so it’s not just a facial. You can also get Facial and hair care services. Some beauty spas also provide massage treatments.

Some spas require you to book in advance because there are many consumers. You can leave the spa with a more glam and healthy appearance after getting several treatments. Beauty spa treatments will give different results from manual treatments done at home. Before discussing further the various spa services, you need to understand first what a beauty care spa is and its characteristics.

What Is Beauty Care spa?

A woman’s complete beauty must radiate from her feet to her head. Anyone who wants to be beautiful needs to try to do beauty treatments. While women’s care can be in the form of body treatmentmassagehair treatment, manicure-pedicure, and also a beauty treatment. Providing treatment will usually involve sophisticated equipment so it is definitely different from home treatment.

Based on surveys from many websites, most consumers want the massage to eliminate blood flow disturbances in their bodies. Only 38% want nail treatment. Then the rest ran to the waxing, tanning, and others. But almost all women who come to the spa want treatment for their face.

Many facial treatments are existing for women who always want to look young and beautiful. After getting a facial treatment, consumers also can buy other skincare products.

Various kinds of Beauty Care that the spa offers to its consumers

We will now discuss more deeply the services that most of the spas offer to its customers. You can see the detail information on each spa service below.

  1. Nail Treatment

Beautiful nails you can only get with intensive care. The most famous nail treatment is manicure-pedicure. Manicure is a method of treating nails that is useful for improving the appearance of nails as well as caring for them. Manicure will involve treating the cuticle to polishes. While pedicure is a treatment on the toenails and feet.

Nail treatment therapists will usually use a variety of tools, such as cotton balls, cuticle cream, nail buffers, pedicure spas, spacers, etc. The nail treatment world is also familiar with nail cosmetics, such as base coat, cuticle oil, nail conditioner, nail polish, and so on.

  1. Facial

The service that many consumers like at the spa is facials. Facial treatments include many steps that can help skin look beautiful and youthful. A series of processes when consumers choose facial services are preparation, cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, extraction, and laser. In the preparation section, the therapist will usually put a robe on the shoulder. Then the cleansing process is useful for removing impurities on the face.

The exfoliation process allows for deeper cleansing of make-up and dirt on the skin. Most of the spas use facial scrubs to remove layers of dead skin. Exfoliating will also end with cleansing the skin. Steaming is the process of applying facial skin with steam which is able to open the pores so that the treatment can be more efficient. The end of steaming will make you start getting extracted.

Extraction helps to clean the pores of impurities, mild acne, whiteheads, and blackheads. If the impurity is too deep into the skin, you can usually ask for a recommendation from a dermatologist at the spa. The therapist will not pop a severe pimple. The final step usually closes with you getting a laser treatment

  1. Make-up

The majority of spa that provides facial services will also provide make-up services. You can book one by one if you really need make-up services. The employees on duty are usually able to choose the color of make-up that matches the skin tone of the consumer. Each consumer can also choose natural or Western-style make-up.

You can just ask for make-up that is similar to an artist. You can also choose make-up products based on specific package. Very beautiful make-up is usually offered to consumers at high prices too. We recommend that you choose a makeup service according to the available budget.

  1. Hair Treatment

Almost every spa also provides hair care services. You can spend a day in the spa to get a complete treatment, including hair care. Doing treatment at the spa is definitely different from home care because it is much more complete. You can choose a hair treatment according to the condition of your hair. For example, it requires anti-dandruff treatment and hair loss treatment.

Every hair problem can be solved in a certain way too. However, after weeks of routine treatment, the appearance of the hair will change. Hair becomes more beautiful and healthy by doing regular hair treatments at the spa.

  1. Lash

The development of beauty care technology allows consumers to get special care in the lashes as well. You can get a special oil treatment to get long lashes naturally. The lashes can also be given a special serum to prevent them from falling out. Some consumers also ask for eyelash tint services.

Eyelash tint is a coloring treatment with a certain color which is usually the same as hair color. During the lashes coloring process, consumers need to close their eyes. Color lashes can sting for certain brands.

  1. Tanning

Most people who come from Asian countries want their skin to be glowing and white. That mindset was formed based on the history that took place in Asia as well where the nobles had white skin. But skin trends are very different in America where brown-skinned people are more attractive. Many western people who want to have brown skin so choose to tan.

The tanning process needs to be done in a quality spa. Later, consumers will get tanning cream, tanning lotion, and specific oils. After using all these products, they can immediately bask under the sun to get the skin to turn brown. Skin that gets a tanning treatment is different from the skin that burns due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

If you want all the beauty care mentioned above, then just come to Jaens Spa. Not only provide beauty care but you can also get massage services. The types of massage services we provide are also quite a lot. All of our employees are trained and experienced professionals.   

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