A Series of Spa Sessions to Make You Fall in Deep Sleep

Everyone needs sleep, especially the quality of a good night’s sleep.  Today’s modern-day society, a lot of people are sleep deprived.  Many are unaware of the importance of getting enough sleep for their health.  In fact, when someone sleeps less than 6 to 7 hours every night, their body’s immunity will decrease.  Hence, it will increase their risk of falling sick. 


Furthermore, adequate sleep can help the body rest and relax after a busy day.  Deep sleep in particular, is one important daily sleep habit.  It helps regain full energy to carry out activities the next day. 

What is Deep Sleep?

Deep sleep is a stage where the condition of the body and the brain begins to decline and rests completely.  It is considered important because it allows brain function and memory to work properly.  Without it, various bodily process malfunctions.  Thus, causing a number of health problems, mainly various symptoms of sleep disturbance.


Unlike the REM stage, deep sleep allows your body and brain waves to work more slowly.  Even though you can sleep 7 to 9 hours every night, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re entering a deep sleep stage.  It usually occurs in stages 3 and 4 in the sleep cycle.  So, here are some signs when entering deep sleep that you need to know:


  • Heart rate and breathing reach their slowest state and the muscles of the body are relaxed.
  • The brain waves become slower and reach their slowest state.
  • Sleeping will be difficult to wake even with extremely loud noises.

Meanwhile, when you experience continuous sleeplessness, it will affect your daily activities.  To prevent this, the National Institutes of Health recommends doing massage therapy once a week.  Hence, difficulty sleeping can be overcome with massage therapy to help improve sleep quality.


Deep Sleep Benefits

With quality sleep, each person can wake up the next day feeling fresher and fitter every day.  Not only get enough sleep, but you also need to have a good night’s sleep.  This way, the body can be healthier and more energetic to do activities the next day. 


One of the important factors that determine sleep quality is the sleep cycle.  When you rest, the body goes across separate stages of the cycle.  So, the stage of sleep that is essential for you to feel more revived first thing in the morning is deep sleep.  Not only important for the body’s metabolic processes, hormone regulation, and growth processes, there are other numerous benefits of deep sleep.

  • Improve memory consolidation— This is due to the slow process of body metabolism. As a result, it is stored as energy the next day.  Hence, this process can help the body, improve long and short-term memory.
  • Enhance the immune system— Here, deep sleep helps to increase the body’s blood flow to the muscles.
  • Cell regeneration— At this point, the body’s hormones will develop. Thus, they will also be regenerated while in the deep sleep stage.
  • Energy recovery— When fully rested, the body and the brain will store energy for later use.

Spa Session for Sleeping Disorder

When you feel anxious, insecure, or afraid, they will lead to stress or depression, making it difficult for you to sleep.  To overcome these feelings, you need to reduce anxiety, keep yourself busy, have fun, and do meditation or relaxation.  When you emphasize relaxation, you may indulge yourself with body massages and soothing aromatherapy

If spa crosses your mind right now, yes, getting that beauty sleep is a spa ritual.  At the spa, you may request a relaxation (sleep spa ritual) session to fall asleep easily.  This spa session usually includes a gentle massage that stimulates relaxation.  It will be even more effective if your surroundings are equipped with aromatherapy that revives a peaceful rest.

To help relieve fatigue to improve sleep quality, soothing aromas such as jasmine and sandalwood, with a touch of coconut oil is a great combination.  A scent of lavender, rosemary, basil, and many other soothing aromas can also help relieve nervous tension which stimulates you to sleep more soundly.  Furthermore, with this aromatherapy, it is hoped to decrease anxiety once the muscles are relaxed.  Thus, your sleep can be more soothing at night.

Like one of the benefits of a spa, mainly in dealing with stress, warm water triggers sense of relaxation.  Hence, it helps your body to be able to sleep well.  In other words, the warmth of the water helps increase your body temperature.  Which in turn relaxes your muscles and soothes the tension in your body

All of the spa sessions mentioned above can reduce fatigue and help you promote a better quality of sleep.  So, for those of you who have sleep disorders, such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and more, spa treatments can be your alternative to medication.  However, you also need to encourage a good sleeping routine, mainly not staying up late, and consuming nutritious food and drinks that help you sleep soundly.  Finally, try creating a room atmosphere to make your sleep more comfortable.

In the end, if you have sleeping difficulty, it will affect your daily activities.  In fact, when you are sleep-deprived, there are health risks that linger, such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. For that reason, you must try to get quality sleep every day.  That way, the body, and mind will always be awake every day.

If possible, do a spa massage treatment once a week.  Difficulty sleeping can be overcome with massage therapy, so it can help improve sleep quality.  If you feel that you are not sleeping well enough to fall into a deep sleep, try a spa treatment.  Doing a spa treatment is believed to make you sleep better.  Massage therapists can make you feel calm and comfortable, and thus improve the quality of your sleep.

However, do not randomly choose a spa massage therapy.  Most qualified spa massage therapy is carried out by professional therapists.  Jaens Spa Ubud always provides quality training to all their therapists.  This is done to ensure consistency and high quality massage techniques.

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