A to Z about Detox

How important is detox? It is crucial because human beings are living in a toxic atmosphere.  It is easy to notice that the water is already contaminated with various substances.  Not to mention the air that human beings breathe which is highly polluted.  We should also admit that almost all foods contain chemical substances to keep them fresh and taste better.

It is true that our body can process all those foods into waste. But, it doesn’t mean that the body is thoroughly clean.  Detox is the main method to keep the body from being intoxicated.  While the body might defend itself from dirty substances, toxins can enter the body and deal with them promptly.  The human body need help to cleanse it of toxic particles.

Those who think that they are free from toxins because they apply a healthy lifestyle by eating good food, still need to try detoxification.  Detoxifying is the method of making the body able to defend better. Many people consider that this isn’t an urgent matter. The fact is that a body that is not stress-proof is at risk of suffering from chronic diseases. The most common diseases that most people suffer these days include gastric-related diseases, insomnia, premature aging, and many more.

What You Need to Know About Detox

Detox methods vary.  The methods are more than just flushing out all those dirty particles from the intestines. Yet, there are lots of ways to clean them that anyone can choose.  Some common methods include vitamins and herbs consumption, eating fruits or vegetables, and many more.  Many people are wondering why detox is using herbs or fruits.  The fact is that substances within them can strengthen body organs for working better in removing toxins.

Another method is detox foot pads. Many people use this method by buying detox foot pad products that are easy to find. Those products claim that those pads can draw toxins from the body. However, many health experts claim that this method doesn’t deliver satisfying results.

Is There Any Side Effect on Detox?

Detox is good for the body. But, not all detox methods are good for everyone. It is true that it uses natural sources such as herbs, vegetables, and fruits.  Yet, this method can be destructive to the body’s health whenever it is not applied properly. 

Every person has a different metabolism system, so detoxifying through eating fruits and vegetables might not be good for everyone.  The method urges the body to receive fruits and vegetables by shifting the regular consumption of foods. The fact is that this kind of diet requires medical advice that can avoid harmful impacts on the body’s health.

The same thing applies to detox food pads. This method seems very simple and safe. Yet, this method might not work significantly. So far, there has been no evidence that this method works for removing toxins from the body.  While the darkened appearance of the pads under the food is considered as the removed toxins,  the result might not be truly effective.

What Kind of Detoxifying Treatment is Safe and Effective?

Methods of a detox vary in terms of extent and intensity.   These days, modern people prefer to apply massage for detoxifying. This method can increase body circulation as well as lymphatic drainage. This is to ensure that the human body flushes toxins in a more effective and efficient way.

Detoxifying will work effectively when it can clean some organs. They are the kidneys, liver, and colon as well as the lymphatic system.  Besides massage, the body should drink up to two liters per day to flush out waste products and toxins.

Several methods of detoxifying at the spa include ionic food detox that can pull toxins out of the body through the feet. This method can reduce inflammation, boost metabolism, balance pH levels, and increase the body’s energy.  Anyone who feels tired frequently should try detoxifying because they might have consumed a high level of salt, sugar, and fats while they consume a low level of fiber.

Choosing the Right Spa to Get The Most Effective Treatment

It is true that everyone should choose the most reputable spa provider to get detox treatment. Jaens Spa is the name to trust. Located in a very vibrant Ubud area, this spa can deliver the best detox treatment, thanks to its extensive collection of wellness treatments. All of them are tailored for the body’s rejuvenation.

Jaens Spa hires highly skilled practitioners that can provide the most trustworthy treatments of traditional Balinese in the strategic area. Regardless of the vibrant Ubud, Jaens Spa ensures a relaxing atmosphere that will suit the needs of clients.

The best thing about this spa is its traditional products that are made of natural herbs. They are undoubtedly the safest and most recommended ingredients for nourishing the body and mind.

Taking a break from daily routine will be perfect here. The spa services offer more than just detoxifying services. Jaens Spa also offers various treatments like body massage, body care, relaxing foot massage, and many more.

Start A Healthy Lifestyle

Nothing is better than starting a healthy lifestyle after taking detoxifying treatment at Jaens Spa.  Maintain good health by eating well by avoiding sugary or salty foods as well as alcoholic drinks. It is always recommended to drink an adequate amount of water, along with the proper consumption of fruits and veggies.

Those who haven’t tried the best result of detox at Jaens Spa, then they should start right away. This spa offers more than just body cleansing through detoxification.  Yet, Jaens Spa is the one-stop place for the best rejuvenation that the body needs.  By doing so, they can eliminate the chance of the body to work harder in removing bad substances.

So, don’t wait until the body needs to detox. Regular detox treatment is highly recommended to avoid the signs of an intoxicated body like frequent headaches, tiredness, nausea, and so forth.  By getting detox treatment, anyone can avoid the unnecessary impact of aging that is caused by the harmful toxins within the body.

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