Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Essential Oil

Known as a home remedy, people have been using essential oil for years. As more health benefits are discovered, the oil gets more variation from the ingredients and even the processing method. Nowadays people save it as an aromatic air freshener or therapeutic medicine for colds or other respiratory problems.  

Besides at home, this oil also can be found in clinics, therapy places, salons, spas, and resorts. The aroma not only puts the mind at peace but also adds elegance to the place where it is sprayed. If you wish to have one around you, you can try these tips to find the most suitable one for you.

Popular Essential Oil Aromas

Nowadays people could make essential oil from any ingredients that they want. Yet, these are some well-known aromas that come from their main ingredients. Their benefits are also explained below.


To make this everyone’s favorite aroma, it takes ten thousand pounds of rose petals for a pound of the essence. Besides its sensual aroma, the nutrients are also good for the skin.


Among other oils, this type is famous for its soothing aroma. Many feel like being in the middle of a wide peaceful garden of lavender once they inhale this essence.


With a little bit of sweetness and spiciness, this oil reminds people of a bakery. More than that, cinnamon essential oil can be aromatherapy to warm the body up.


In contrast to the cinnamon, peppermint gives a sense of cold and mint. The aroma suits to refresh stuffy old rooms. For topical use, the menthol sensation is what everyone is looking for.


Besides being a food seasoning like in steaks, this herb also has a good psychological impact to brighten the mood and calm the mind during stress. Some health sites even write about more health benefits of rosemary essential oil such as pain relief, hair growth, circulation improvement, and more.


Extracted from the sweet Citrus fruits, its smell will refresh the bad odor in the air around you. Some products of this oil are even edible and able to relieve minor digestive problems. Research also showed that Orang essence stimulated weight loss.


Although it seems similar to oranges, lemon has a sourer aroma and taste. The vitamin C substances from lemons are good for the skin. Hence topical usage of this oil is more recommended.


This oil is also almost like orange essence. Yet, the difference lies on the part of fruits. Grapefruit oil uses more peels of fruit while orange oil uses more pulps. It has anti-bacterial or anti-microbial properties that can protect the skin from acne. Many beauticians apply it to the face.


Originally from Australia, Eucalyptus trees have been extracted into oil for a long time ago to treat colds, fevers, sinus, and other respiratory problems. If you need an essential oil that is not aromatic but also medicine eucalyptus is the answer.


Mostly used in cooking, lemongrass has a bit of a citric smell. This essence is not only great aromatherapy but also eases nausea or other minor digestive problems. Using lemongrass in food also helps to control bad cholesterol.

Another oil that can keep the body warm, is ginger oil is preferably applied during the cold season. Nausea and cold can also be alleviated by this oil.


Among flowery aromas, jasmine may be the most favorite besides rose. This aroma is also commonly found in perfumes, beverages, and foods. It has a romantic and sweet smell that makes people always choose it again and again.

Tips For Choosing The Rightest One

Those are some popular aromas of essential oil. In fact, there are still more than them including Chamomile, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, and others. So, which one is your favorite? If you are still not sure to choose one, you can try these tips.

  1. Consider the health benefits

As we know that each oil is made of certain ingredients that also have certain substances. Most of them are also medicine. Considering your health condition, the essential oil can help to treat your disease as well as make a pleasant smell around you. Ginger, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and orange for example are good to relieve cold.

  1. Check up on your health condition

Some health conditions may be allergic to the ingredients of the oil. Even your skin might be allergic to essential oil. This condition usually happens to those who have contact dermatitis. Better check than sorry.

  1. Also your surroundings

Not only yourself but everything around you are also worth getting checked. Some oils like lemon, peppermint, ylang-ylang, and more are dangerous to pets. Certain drops of oils can also ruin your furniture and fabric. Hence find the safest one.

  1. Double-check the product, especially the ingredients

Many claims that their products are pure. Yet when you check on the ingredients, the natural ingredients with Latin names are less than ten percent. Of course, this could be a bad sign.

Best Ways To Apply It

Once you get ‘the one’, you can try these ways to enjoy it.

  1. Diffuse it

For those who have dermatitis contact, inhaling the aroma using a diffuser might be a safe option to use it. A diffuser will spread the fantastic aroma through your rooms. Besides, certain types of oil that get evaporated can be good for some furniture.

  1. Consume it orally

Not all oil products are suitable for oral consumption. You need to read or even consult a physician before consuming it. Some safe products usually require a certain amount of water to dissolve a few drops of the oil.

  1. Apply on the skin directly

Some products are also not safe to be used in this way. Because of the high concentration of oil, the skin might get rash. Only a few products are safe for direct application on the skin. Once again, you need to check whether your oil is safe for topical usage.

  1. Dilute it in a bath

This is the simplest and most refreshing way to enjoy the essential oil. Combined with warm water, your bath time will be the most relaxing time in your day.

  1. Use it during spa massage

Finally, the most relaxing way to use essential oil is during massage in a spa. You can choose any variant that you like while your body gets gentle touch. Some spas do not provide varied essential oils, but in Jaens Spa you can choose any aroma you like. Their essential oils must have a high quality.

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