Getting To Know Trigger point Therapy

If it’s your first time hearing about trigger point therapy, then you are in for a treat. You can learn a lot about this therapy and how to make it work for you. The treatment is not as popular as Shiatsu or acupuncture with many devotees. But it can be very beneficial for your health issues.

Trigger point therapy is a form of alternative therapy that many use to alleviate their pain. It covers various methods that directly deal with the pain in your muscles. Hence, it receives the name trigger point. Now let’s find out more about this therapy and how it works.


What Is Trigger Point Therapy?

The therapy refers to the trigger point or the sore joints and tight knots that cause pain. These sore joints trigger the pain in a small area patch or even the whole body.

Some of the causes of sore joints are overused, lack of use, and trauma such as an accident. As the name implies, those joints and knots are the focus of this therapy.

There are several applications of this therapy. You may be familiar with one or even all of them. The most popular applications are chiropractic care and massage therapy.

As you may know, chiropractic requires manual manipulation of your joints. It can be painful yet rewarding afterward. And it’s the same with trigger point massage. Since the masseuse applies pressure on your sore points to relieve the joint and relax the muscle, you can feel a sharp pain during therapy.

Some people take the trigger point a little further and use the dry needle method to boost their metabolism on top of relieving pain. This method applies dry needles to the trigger point. It sure sounds similar to acupuncture. But the difference is the therapy hits the sore joints and muscles head-on instead of nerves. Many people also choose this as a stress reliever.

Another application is by injecting a medicine called Sarapin to alleviate the pain. Sarapin is an anti-inflammatory medicine that you can use at a minimum dosage through direct injection. The injection method is the least popular among them all, as it requires a licensed medical provider.

Unlike other alternative therapies that you can do at home, this one holds a more significant risk. Therefore, you should come to a professional for the therapy session. After all, the therapy methods require experienced and licensed therapists and medical administrators.

Why Is It Good For Me?

Many reasons why this therapy is a popular alternative therapy for sore joints and relaxation methods. First of all, you can figure out the pain source. So next time you come for a massage, you can directly address any issue when your sore joints. And that is not the only thing that you can do with those joints.

The therapy addresses the problem’s root directly so you also can feel the result right away after the session. Of course, you still need to book a couple more sessions for a lasting benefit.

The therapy is highly beneficial for those with immune problems. If you are allergic to any painkillers, you can rely on this method to alleviate your pain. The therapy also works well if you want to correct your posture. As mentioned before, a chiropractor’s cure is one of the standard applications of trigger point therapy.

You also can feel relaxed after a therapy session. You will have a better metabolism and improved blood flow. However, the physical health benefit is not the only thing you can gain from this therapy.

When you have improved blood flow, you have more oxygen in your organs. And when you have a lot of oxygen in your brain, you can be more focused and creative when dealing with a problem. It’s not unheard of how people often get a rush of inspiration during or after a massage.

Some studies believe that this therapy help in treating chronic pain for patients suffering from arthritis, sciatica, and even cancer.

Is it another name for Reflexology?

Many people confuse trigger point therapy with Reflexology or use the terms interchangeably. Even though there are very few differences between them, they are two very different sets of practices.

Trigger point massage is not limited to hands, feet, and shoulder area like in reflexology. You can address the points with massage all over your body. That includes your back, arms, and even neck. An experienced therapist will figure out which joints need to be relaxed even without you saying anything. 

While reflexology addresses specific nerve points to connect with your organs, the trigger point massage works mainly on the tissue and muscles to relax them. It is also a more popular choice as a  curative method instead of prevention.

Another difference is you can do trigger point massage at any time. You can only spend five to ten minutes massaging the trigger point to reduce pain in your joints. However, it possesses a more significant risk since a wrong move may cause even worse pain instead of reducing it.

So now you know about what is trigger point therapy and why is it great for you. Many people choose this as an alternative therapy to cure their sore joints and muscle. So if you’re looking to cure your back pain and correct your posture, this therapy may be the one for you. 

This information sure piques your interest and makes you want to try trigger point therapy. If that’s the case, you can head to Jaens SpaBali. You don’t have to worry about any malignant side effects. Jaens Spa has a team of experienced therapists that can help ease your pain and lose the tight knots.

Keep in mind that this therapy focuses on sensitive points in your body. You may feel a lot of pain when the therapist applies extra pressure on your sore joints. Therefore, you need to tell the therapist how far you can handle pain. They need to know so they won’t go overboard in the session.

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