Best Sound Healing Spa In Bali

Jaens Spa - Treatment 65

Complimentary therapies for those who do traveling in Bali- You are welcomed to have our service as the best sound healing spa which is offered to you. A sound healing is useful to improve health and relax while the sound is little bit playing around you. Gets the spa healing in Jaens who has run this such sound healing therapy since 2009. The spa always use the sound technique to connect the energy healing modality to the session for improving relaxation or human brain becomes well being. The power of healing by using this technique rally works in wonderful steps while you are in Bali. The ancient sound for meditation is included in one package. The sound is expected able to experience you from gong sound, soft tuning forks, and other comfortable tunes to accompany your spa. We prepare well the sound spa with natural healing products to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Ubud Spa center offers the best sound therapy in the downtown most convenient and blissful spa area. The treatment comes from traditional Balinese and you can feel the sound directly and softly coming into your mind and soul. The best offer with professional service is only here with the pleasing and aesthetic scent of natural materials. The sound system in the spa will not bother and bored you. The ancient music for healing is available in Jaens spa. This unique spa and treatment should be tried and feel free in sound in setting time-based on the package you choose. Follow the schedule of sound medicine which is provided for you such as harmony sound, crystal bowl meditation, indigenous Dreamtime sound (recommended in Yoga), Sufi sounds, and also the sound for a special spirit. You can choose more than 6 languages for ancient sounds. The spa can be done in a small group or you can choose the day for your own spa.

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