Spoil Your Body with Spa and Pampering Treatment at Jaens Spa in Bali

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Are you on holiday in Bali right now? Then this is the best time to get some relaxation at spa. In this island, you will find several places which offer massage and other treatments. There is no need for you to search for them one by one. You can simply go straight to the best one, which is Jaens Spa. Here you can spoil yourself with their spa and pampering treatment.

Relaxing Your Muscle with Body Massage

Jaens Spa, without a doubt, is the best place to get traditional massage. They have the best therapists who know how to comfort our stiff muscles. What’s more is that they have several massage options we can choose. You may want to try their flow relaxation massage. It is the owner, known to be one of the best masseurs in Ubud, who will massage you directly. You must book it one week in advance, though, to get this service.

Be More Beautiful with Body Care

Do you desire to have healthier and better-looking body skin? You definitely need body care from Jaens Spa for that purpose. We recommend you to try their body scrub and mask package. First, they will start it with their famous traditional massage to relax yourself. Next, they will use rice body scrub to remove your dead skin cells. After that, your body will be covered with mud mask which contains minerals. For finishing, they will apply natural yoghurt to cool down and refine your skin.

Enjoy Complete Treatment with Spa Packages

If you want to try most of the treatments in this place, you can take one of their spa packages. Besides being able to enjoy some treatments, this will help to save your money too. Each package consists of treatments like massage, facialhair creambath, etc. Among of all packages, the best one will be their Radja Jaens Spa Package. It enables you to have some good time within 5 hours and 15 minutes.

There are still some more treatments Jaens Spa can offer to you. To figure it out, you can simply go to their place right away. Or, you can check them out at their official website.

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