How to Book Jaens Spa the Best Luxury Spa in Bali

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When traveling to Bali, most tourists usually want to experience its traditional massage. There are several places which can offer you such service. Among all of them, Jaens Spa is the best luxury spa in Bali. This place is so popular that it even gets recommended by Tripadvisor. Want to get a massage here? Then you need to make a reservation first, and here’s how you do it.

1. Go to the Official Website

If you want to book them, you can firstly go to their official website. Look at the menu on top of the homepage and click on reservation. You can do the reservation in the website of their blog as well.

2. Choose the Location

Jaens Spa has two branches in Bali, which are Ubud and Shanti. Both of them are actually in Ubud, but their location is still far from each other. You can choose the one which is closer to your homestay or the airport.

3. Select the Treatment

The next step is to select the treatment. On the reservation page, you will see a list of different packages (spamassagebeauty, and body care). You can choose the one you like by clicking on the price. Then, you can select the number of person who will use the treatment and click on Submit.

4. Fill the Form

On the next page, you will see the invoice of your order. If there is something you want to change, you can click on Cancel, and it will take you back to the previous page. Below the invoice, there is a form you need to fill in. Once you have filled it, you can click on Submit to proceed to checkout. If there is nothing wrong in the detail, you can submit your order.

That’s all you need to do to book Jaens Spa. Once they receive your order, they will process it immediately.

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