Your Guide to Choose Day Spa near Me

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Bali is the home for spa and massage. You can easily find one in literary every nook and cranny. However, do all of these spas are the same? No, they are not the same. Since spas and massage become more popular on the island, you can find any types of spas. Even there are also hair salons which offer cheap massage. This kind of massage usually does not use private rooms; it usually uses only single massage bed and silk curtain. To avoid getting spa and massage which under your expectation, below are some guides to choose day spa near me.

Do quick inspection

Before making any appointments, make sure to do quick inspection. Take a look around the treatment room including the location. You may want to get treatment in quiet atmosphere room with windows. Besides the room, you should also take a look at the shower location because it is basic to at least have shower after the treatment. If you are making appointments online, make sure to read some reviews of previous customer to gain spa information and visit the website.

Talk to the customer service

The main purpose of getting spas and massage is to get rid of vacation stressThe best spa treatment is not complete without friendly customer service. This is especially true when you make online appointments. Make sure that the customer service is responsive to your question and willing to give recommendations. When you make on location inspection, you should also find out whether the therapist speak in English.

Choose cleanliness

Lastly about choosing serenity spa, it is important to choose clean spa. Take a look at the location and also ask if the spa uses disposable towel, bed sheet, and disposable underwear. Using disposable equipment during spa is crucial because dirty towel and bed sheet is vulnerable for mold and bacteria growth.

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