What You Need to Know about Salon Spa in Bali

Jaens Spa - Padmi Creambath 18

Bali has transformed to more than a just famous tourist place. The island is also famous for having lots of affordable and great spas. The high demand for massages and spas in the island triggers Balinese people to put spas as one of the famous tourist attraction. There are various types of spa that you can choose from the luxury to cheapy cheap one. Knowing the type of spa in Bali is important to avoid choosing the wrong place.

Visiting spa in Bali can be your best thing that you do on the island or the worst if you pick the wrong place. This can be because of the place and also the therapist. The cheapest spa and massage in the island perhaps is the salon spa. There are some hair salon and hairdresser which also offer massage and spa. This kind of spa usually does not fully cater your privacy because they only use spa table in a room with silk curtain. This kind of spa is not a fake spa. It just they do not put much privacy during a massage session. When you go to the hair salon and then get offered with spa or massage, you can guess that it must be this kind of spa.

Difference with real spa

In Bali, a spa treatment is just spa and there is nothing sexual about the treatment. Most spa therapists are fully trained women. The real spa such as Jaens Spa, a spa near Ubud, respects customer privacy the most. They have a private room for massage and shower and also use disposable towel and bed sheet to maintain hygiene. Besides the treatment, they also create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere at the spa to calm your sense. The therapists in Jeans Spa also professionally trained and speak a little bit of English. For a better experience, you can also make an online booking through their official website.

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