Visit Jaens Spa – 3 Reason Why to Get Massage Therapy

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Even when on vacation, getting massage and spa is important. This helps you to stay fit, relaxhealthy. In Bali, it is not difficult to find a good spa in affordable price.the best spas in Bali One of  is the Jaens Spa which provides traditional Balinese massage, hot stone massage, jet lag massage package and so on. Here are some reasons to visit Jaens Spa and get massage therapy.

Increase blood circulation

After trapped on a long flight, you will suffer from poor circulation. Poor circulation results in various discomforts such as fatigue, cold feet and hands, soreness, and numbness. This is because the muscle lack of nutrients supply and become tense up and weakened. Getting massage therapy after arriving on the island will help increase blood circulation. Massage therapy involves in stroking, kneading, and also a rolling technique to loosen up the tense muscle. You can also fully enjoy the vacation when your body feels great and relax.

Get better sleep

Sometimes you have sleep difficulty because of the time difference in a new place or jet lag. Massage and spa are beneficial to treat jet lag and also sleep difficulty. The relaxing atmosphere of the spa, smell of aromatherapy, and relaxing massage will help you overcome jet lag.

Relieve headache

Sometimes after traveling in a plane, you get some health complaints such as a headache and jetlag. Getting massage therapy helps relieve migraines and headaches. Also, massage helps reduce stress levels as well as improve sleep quality. Those are the two causes of migraines and headaches. Head and shoulder massage also reduce the discomfort because of migraines and cranial tension. When you have discomfort because of a long flight or jet lag because of time differences, spa and massage can be the best solution.

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