Top Rated Spas Treatment in Bali

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Bali is not only the home for beaches and sunset. It is also the home for affordable and excellent spas and massage. Good spa treatment is proven to help improve blood circulation, rejuvenate the skin, reduce stress, and improve well-being in general. Spa vacation in Bali is getting more popular among travelers. Lots of people enjoy a good vacation, good spa treatment, and eat good food while in the island. Before you try spa in Bali, below are some top rated spas treatment to choose.

Traditional Balinese spa

Speaking about the spa, traditional Balinese spa is one of the most popular treatments. Balinese people believe that the body should receive good massage to maintain overall wellness. The traditional Balinese spa includes the famous Balinese massage and using traditional spa recipe. Balinese massage includes various massage techniques such as palm pressure and press point using palm and finger. Another special thing about Balinese spa is the signature recipe which is called Boreh. This is a kind of natural scrub using traditional spice mix, natural herbs, and oils.

Ayurvedic spa

Ayurvedic is recognized as the oldest form of healthcare and treatment in the world. Even though it originally refers to a holistic approach for illness treatment, but nowadays Ayurvedic spa has been adopted by spas as the main treatment for rejuvenation and relaxation. This is also the second famous of treatment in Jaens Spa after the traditional Balinese spa.

Hot Stone spa

Another popular spa in Bali is the hot stone spa. This spa type uses certain stone with a smooth surface for the treatment. The stones are heated and then placed on certain parts of the body to help to relax the tight muscle as well as balance the energy. Besides using heated stone, this treatment also includes gentle pressure.

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