The Benefits of Hot stone massage at Jaens Spa

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Hot stone massage is another type of treatment which gains popularity in Bali. There are lots of spas offer this massage including the Jaens Spa. This massage is a natural therapy using warm stone which is positioned on parts of the body to enhance therapeutic benefits. The stone using for this massage is usually river stone or other types of rocks with a smooth surface. Before using, these stone is heated in sanitized water. Hot stone massage is very beneficial for both psychological and physical. No wonder if lots of travelers choose this relaxing massage.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

All massages basically are classified under alternative medicine area. They become more and more popular for many conditions as a complementary therapy. Even though they use different movements, methods, and ingredients; but all massages aim to improve your health both physically and psychologically.

•    Relieve muscle pain and tension – the first benefit of massage using a hot stone is it relieves muscle pain and tension. Heat is famous to relieve muscle pain and relieve. This is because heat helps improve the blood flow in the affected area. It also helps increase the range and flexibility of motions as well as reduces muscle spasms.

•    Mental benefits – massage therapy also possibly results in mental benefits for many people. You can also find that treatment using hot stone helps release mental tension and stress. Further, it also helps to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. Even if it is not the substitute for psychiatric care or regular medical treatment, but at least it can help you relax during vacation.

•    Improved blood circulation – in general, massage and spa treatment are aimed to improve blood circulation. In this treatment, the hot stone is placed in the trigger point before beginning the massage. The hot stone stimulation penetrates into blood vessels and deep body tissue which results in better blood circulation.

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