Pampering Time in Bali and Know How

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Pampering time now becomes most traveler choice of activity during a vacation in Bali. It helps them getting relax even when they have jet lag. That is why spa vacation in Bali is getting more and more popular these days. There are lots of spa treatments scattered throughout the island from the 5-star hotel spa to beauty parlor spa. If this is the first time you try Balinese spa, it is better to find out these know how.

Is it the real spa?

Before you choose one spa treatment, it is important to get this point clear. Spa treatment in Bali is spa treatment. It never involves sexual thing in it. Most of the spa therapist in Bali are women and they are professional and well-trained. If you have more than spa treatments in mind, you need to go somewhere.

Since spa treatment gains popularity these recent years, many people think that it only needs spa table and such to run a spa. You may also find some hairdresser or hair salon also offer spa treatment. It is usually cheap and sounds nice, but do not go there. These kinds of hair salon usually do not have a private room and you will end up getting massage behind yellow silk curtain.

If you are looking for a true spa treatment in Bali, go to spa salon such as Jaens Spa. They have the real spa facility and atmosphere which definitely will pamper you in a better way.

The facility The second point that you should pay attention is the spa facility. Make sure you visit the spa before making an appointment or at least take a look at the website. You need to make sure that the spa room is clean and have a ventilation system. Also, ask the customer service whether they use disposable underwear, bed sheet, towels, and such after each of spa treatment. This is basic to make sure the hygiene of the treatment.

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