Guides to Choose Serenity Spa in Bali

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Spa and massages have always become the part of Balinese culture for centuries. The Balinese people believe that that spa brings peace to the soul, calm the mind, and also the vitality of the body. With such belief, they want people who come to the island to feel the same vitality as Bali truly becomes the first spa destination in Asia. There are lots of spa and massages with various ranges from a 5-star hotel to beauty salons. If you are going to have serenity spa vacation in Bali, here are some guides for you.

Types Massage

In general, there are lots of massage types which every spa offered. Even though every massage has a different name and different techniques, but it all has the same aim to make your body relaxes and the soul refresh. The common massage choice in Bali is traditional Balinese Massage, Shiatsu massage, hot stone massage, four hands massage, and more. Jaens Spa offers plenty kinds of massage including traditional Balinese Massage and hot stone massage. They use traditional Balinese spices and oils as the main ingredients for the treatment.

Book in advance

Even though there are lots of spas scattered throughout the island, it is better to book your appointment prior arrival. This has nothing to do with anything except your convenience. Once you arrive on the island, things will get busy as you want to visit tourist destinations, try Balinese traditional food, and so on. Having the spa and massage in advance will make your vacation a lot easier.

Look around the spa

One basic thing to do before making spa appointment is to look at the spa location. If you are making appointments online, make sure to check the website first and take a look at the picture and video. But if you make appointments after arriving in Bali, do not forget to visit the location first. Make sure you like the location including the room, the atmosphere, and the surrounding before making an appointment.

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