Full Day Spa: Top Spa Service at Jaens Spa

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Balinese Massage has transformed into touristy commodity. It becomes one of the main attractions that attract people attention from all over the world. The island also has become the world’s spa capital because there are lots of good and affordable spas. A good and relaxing spa treatment helps improve the blood circulation, take care of the skin, reduce stress amount, and increase the well-being in general. Jeans Spa is one of the best spas with excellent service in affordable price in Bali.

Massage packages

The Jaens Spa has numerous spa and massage packages to choose. Even if you do not want to book spa packages, a single treatment is also available. Below are some of the favorite spa packages:

•    Relaxation spa package – this package consists of relaxation body massage, hair cream bath, and facial for 3 hours and 30 minutes.

•    Holistic beauty spa – this package consists of Balinese massage, body scrub, flower bath, facial, and hair cream bath for 4 hours.

•    Radja Nenda Spa package – this package consists of synchronicity massage, body scrub, flower bath, facial, and hair cream bath for 4 hours.

Full day spa

The full day spa is the most favorite package in Jaens Spa. You will spend around 5 hours to complete the treatment. This package includes traditional Balinese Massage, body scrub and body maskflower bathhair cream bath, and facial. The full day spa gives you the best of treatment compared to other packages.

Balinese traditional massage

The traditional Balinese massage is the signature massage treatment in Jaens Spa. Using traditional recipe, spices, and oilstraditional Balinese massage is aimed to improve the well being. This massage is also beneficial as therapy to treat some minor illness such as chills, muscle aches, headaches, and so on. Traditional Balinese massage is used fingers and palms with various movements.

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