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When we are traveling to Bali, most of us usually will spend a day in a local spa to enjoy its traditional massage. Unfortunately, some people cannot afford it since this type of treatment can cost much money. If you have this issue, your best solution is Jaens Spa. Here you can pamper yourself with their cheap spa massage. Despite of being cheap, their services will still make us feeling like a king or queen. To save your money, we recommend you to take a look at their spa packages. Most of the packages can give you the following treatment.

1. Body Massage

The first treatment you will get is their massage. It aims to relax your body and relieve the stiffness of your muscles. Each package they have offers different type of massage. For example, Radja Nenda Spa Package has Synchronicity Massage, while Radja Jaens Spa Package offers their famous Traditional Balinese Massage.

2. Facial Treatment

After relaxing your body, they will continue with beauty care. In this case, you will get a facial treatment. This treatment will earn you a beautiful, glowy, and healthy skin face. Before starting the procedure, they will give you several choices of ingredient. You can select whichever you like or need. For your information, all of the ingredients they use are completely natural with no chemical contents.

3. Hair Treatment

In this treatment, the therapist will apply a cream to your hair in order to make it smooth and moist. During this creambath process, they will give you a massage from your head down to shoulders, back, and arms. Then, they will shampoo your hair followed by conditioner, hair tonic, and blow dry.

4. Lunch and Drink

Feeling hungry in the middle of the treatment? Lucky for you since all of their packages have included simple yet delicious lunch and drink. Hence, you can just continue your treatment while enjoying your meals.

Those are the main treatments you will get from every spa package. Do not forget to ask them whether they have a spa discount to use or not. That allows you to save more money for other purposes.

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