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Types of Spa You Need to Know

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Holiday is great to get rid of stress, but you cannot deny sore legs after visiting one tourist destination to another. When you feel exhausted during a holiday in Bali, a series of spa and massages are great to restore the energy. In Bali, there are lots of spa and massage options available throughout the island. Before you choose spa in Ubud, it is better to get to know the variety of spa.

Healing spa

Healing spa is also known as a medical spa. This healing spa adopts the Balinese philosophy of life balance which includes traditional detoxification treatments with the organic menu. The healing spa usually includes a combination of deep bodywork, meditation, as well as energy distribution. There are few places in the world that offers healing spa and Bali is one of them. You can find healing spa session in health spa Ubud.

Traditional Balinese spa

The common choice when it comes to Bali spa is traditional Balinese Spa. The spa includes Balinese massage and using Balinese traditional recipe known as Boreh. The Balinese massage is famous for the massage technique using fingers and palms with a variety of movements such as palm pressure and press point. Boren is a natural Balinese healer in the form of spice mix and natural herbs. It is then rubbed in the body and produces heating sensation as the result of preventative and curative treatment. If you are looking for traditional Balinese spa, look no further than Jeans Spa in Ubud.

Geothermal spa

The geothermal spa is also one of the famous spa services in Bali. To enjoy this kind of spa, you need to travel far to North Bali, but the trip you take will worth the spa. The thermal spa is located around a hot spring which formed natural hot water. The benefits of the geothermal spa are increasing the blood flow, improve the nourishment of muscles and organs, and also body metabolism.

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New Normal Rule

Om Swastyastu

Our Valued Customers,
Thank you very much for visiting Jaens Spa. In these times, we want to ensure our guests a safe environment and enjoy our services with true peace of mind with your body healty protocol.
So without any thought to insult our guest, we are pleased to inform you our new normal rules as bellow:

  1. Greetings with Om Swastyastu.


  1. Temperature checking and applying hand sanitizer will be taken before entering the spa to our team and guests. If your body temperature above 37.5°C, we cannot allow you to enter.

  2. All of our Staff need to use a face mask, The Free masks are intended for those who have not been able to obtain a mask to help protect themselves from the coronavirus (COVID-19)

  3. We allow you to take a shower before your treatment.

  4. If possible, please fill out our on-line registration form before arrival.

  5. Should you have experienced a cough, fever or been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms, we ask that you schedule your appointment 14 days from the last day of those symptoms.

  6. Check out/ Payment; we accept credit cards to help minimize contact of bill handling.

  7. Continuing our standard; we have and will continue to provide each guest a new, single-use item for almost all of our services. We will continue to wash our hands between each guest and sanitize our work areas after each guest.

We ask for your patience since our team is acclimating to our new service standards and space during this time.