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Vacation is supposed to refresh the mind from busy everyday life. It helps you see the other sides of the world in different point of view. However, during vacation, sometimes you also feel tired from visiting one tourist place to another. In this kind of time, what you need is a good spa to restore the energy. Bali is famous for great and affordable spa service scattered around the island. Even though it is easy to find a spa in Bali, but you need to know that they offer different spa service. Below are some types of Bali spa that you need to know.

Traditional Balinese Spa

Speaking of a spa in Bali, the most popular choice is the traditional Balinese spa. This type of spa has its unique massage technique using palm and fingers with different kind of variations. The main purpose of this spa is to restore the energy, increase the blood flow, and oxygen. If you are interested in trying traditional Balinese spa and Ubud message, you can try Jaens Spa. The Jaens Spa is a recommended spa service which offers traditional Balinese spa with a well-trained therapist.

Relaxing beach massage

Beach and sea water cure everything. Beach massage is the simplest form of treatment that you can get right at the beach. Relaxing beach massage can be found in Kuta, Sanur, to Canggu during a sunny day or sunset in the afternoon. Even though this is the simplest form of massage, you will not be disappointed.

Ayurvedic spa

Ayurvedic treatment is the oldest form of healthcare and healing in the world. Even though Ayurvedic is used to treat serious health conditions, but it can also be used for treatment combination in the spa for rejuvenation and relaxation. Ayurvedic spa service can be found in some spa resorts with plenty range of Ayurvedic method combinations.

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