Day Spa Bali: Try this 3 Relaxing Activity during Holiday in Bali

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Sometimes when visiting Bali, you do not want to blend in the crowd of Seminyak or Kuta. You want some relaxing activities in relaxing ambiance. If you want some relaxing activity, head to Ubud which is a more quiet part of Bali. There are lots of activities to improve your energy after days of the hectic holiday schedule. Ubud is the home for yoga, meditation retreat, spas and massages, and even get in spiritual meditation. Below is three relaxing activity that you can do in Ubud.

Try cycling tour

Cycling tour may never include on your holiday list because it is just pedaling. But cycling tour in Ubud is way more than just pedaling. The cycling tour starts with delicious breakfast with Mt Batur background. Then the pedaling journey starts with a visit to Balinese plantation where you can taste the local harvest. During the cycling tour, you will have several stops to a local village to see traditional family heritage and also Balinese artists at work. If you have the guts, you can continue the cycling tour through the downhill track which certainly pumps the adrenaline.

Spend a day spa Bali

Speaking of relaxing day, it will be incomplete without spending a day spa Bali. Ubud is famous for spa and massage in affordable and great service. You can try Jaens Spa which offers a wide range of traditional Balinese spa service with quiet and relaxing ambiance.

Try Ayurvedic consultation

If you want to consider relaxing to another level, you may want to try Ayurvedic consultation. Ayurvedic healing treatment has been around for more than 5000 years and it is all about finding balance in life. The Ayurvedic healing treatment covers everything including meditation, exercise, to diet. But if you do not have much time, spa service Ubud can be the best choice for you.

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